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Subject: 14.325, Jobs: Italian: Researcher, Rhetorical Systems, UK

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Date:  Thu, 30 Jan 2003 05:31:16 +0000
From:  art at rhetorical.com
Subject:  Italian: Researcher, Rhetorical Systems, United Kingdom

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Date:  Thu, 30 Jan 2003 05:31:16 +0000
From:  art at rhetorical.com
Subject:  Italian: Researcher, Rhetorical Systems, United Kingdom

University or Organization: Rhetorical Systems
Department: Languages Group
Rank of Job: Researcher
Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, Italian
Required Language(s): Italian (Code = ITN)


Rhetorical Systems is expanding the range of languages offered in its
high-quality rVoice text-to-speech system, to include Italian. We are
looking for a Italian-speaking person to join our dedicated team of
scientists and developers. In the first instance the position is for
six months, but this may be extended.

The ideal candidate will have experience of Italian computational
linguistics, or Italian phonetics, under the Linux computing
environment. A minimum requirement is a knowledge of Italian phonetics
or Italian grammar, with some experience of applying this knowledge on
a computer.

Rhetorical Systems is a leading provider of text-to-speech (TTS)
solutions.  We are headquartered in Edinburgh, with offices in London,
Germany and the US.  Our research and development team, based in
Edinburgh, is the largest and most experienced text-to-speech team in
the world. In addition we have close links with the University of
Edinburgh, which has distinguished departments for Linguistics,
Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, and a long history of
speech research.

If you are interested, send covering letter and CV to:

Art Blokland                                 4 Crichton's Close
Manager, Languages                           Edinburgh EH8 8DT
Rhetorical Systems Ltd                       Scotland
T: ( +44 ) ( 0 ) 131 525 6811                www.rhetorical.com
F: ( +44 ) ( 0 ) 131 525 6888
E: art at rhetorical.com

Address for Applications:

	Attn: Mr Art Blokland
	4 Crichton's Close
	Edinburgh, EH8 8DT
	United Kingdom

	Applications are due by 01-Mar-2003

Contact Information:
	Mr Art Blokland.
	Email: art at rhetorical.com
	Tel: +44 131 229 7053
	Website: http://www.rhetorical.com

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