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Subject: 14.347, Jobs: Translation: National Security Agency, USA

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Date:  Tue, 04 Feb 2003 11:40:06 +0000
From:  kfickes at caci.com
Subject:  Jobs: Translation: Linguist, National Security Agency, USA

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Date:  Tue, 04 Feb 2003 11:40:06 +0000
From:  kfickes at caci.com
Subject:  Jobs: Translation: Linguist, National Security Agency, USA

University or Organization: National Security Agency
Rank of Job: Linguist
Specialty Areas: Applied Linguistics, Translation
Language(s): Amharic (AMH); Arabic, Standard (ABV); Chinese, Mandarin
(CHN); Deori (DER); Greek (GRK); Pashto, Southern (PBT); Farsi,
Eastern (PRS); Tigrigna (TGN); Kurdi (KDB); Turkish (TRK); Urdu (URD);
Panjabi, Eastern (PNJ); Uzbek, Southern (UZS)



As an NSA linguist, you will be involved in activities that focus on
research translation, transcription, reporting, and analysis of
materials of national concern. You may be involved in projects that
have global ramifications. We are particularly interested in those
individuals who are proficient in Asian or Middle Eastern
languages. Although the Agency's language requirements may change at
any time, we are currently hiring people with the following language

Amharic                 Persian-Farsi
Arabic                  Somali
Chinese                 Sorani
Dari                    Tigrinya
Greek                   Turkish
Kermanii                Urdu/Punjabi
Pashto                  Uzbek

A linguistic career with the NSA develops your ability to evaluate
communications, taking into account cultural and political factors of
current and historical value. You may also be called upon to further
your understanding of a culture in which a certain language is spoken,
expanding your horizons more than a comparable career in business,
commerce, or academia normally would. In short, your language skills
will make a world of difference here.

Let's speak about your advancement potential. As an NSA linguist you may
take on additional research and reporting responsibilities; apply for
field assignments abroad; elect to teach at our National Cryptologic
School using live language broadcasting via SCOLA (Satellite
Communications for Learning Association); learn new languages at our
National Cryptologic School or through reimbursed language courses at
prestigious local colleges and universities...

The NSA advantages are hard-to-ignore important work, real-world
impact, strong growth potential, and the world's best language
resources.  Apply Online (only resumes will be accepted)

Address for Applications:

	apply online only
	United States of America
	Positions are open until 04-Feb-2004

Contact Information:
	please check website
	Website: http://www.nsa.gov/programs/employ/index.html

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