14.412, Calls: Meaning-Text Theory/Text Summarization

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Subject: 14.412, Calls: Meaning-Text Theory/Text Summarization

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Date:  Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:01:06 EST
From:  Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  Meaning-Text Theory, France

Date:  Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:09:10 EST
From:  Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  Text Summarization & Document Understanding, Canada

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Date:  Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:01:06 EST
From:  Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  Meaning-Text Theory, France

deadline : March 1st

MTT 2003
First International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory
Paris, Ecole Normale Superieure
16-18 June 2003

Web site : http://mtt2003.linguist.jussieu.fr

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
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Meaning-text Theory (MTT), which grew out of work on machine
translation in the USSR 40 years ago, is characterized by:

1. the Modeling of language as a correspondence between meaning and
2. the central position of the lexicon;
3. the privileged position of semantics over syntax;
4. and the use of a dependency representation in syntax.

This conference has two goals: researchers working in the MTT
framework will report on their research, and researchers in other
frameworks are invited to compare their work to MTT.

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Invited Speakers
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Jurij Apresjan         Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation
Richard Hudson         University College London, UK

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
Expected Submissions
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Submissions related to all aspects of MTT are solicited, be they
theoretical, descriptive, or computational.

The conference is also open to MTT-based work in fields related to
linguistics, such as natural language processing, second language
teaching, or psycholinguistics.

Submissions detailing work in other frameworks are also solicited, as
long as the framework shares with MTT fundamental principles, such as
dependency syntax, the decomposition of lexical meaning, the modeling
of collocations, the stratification of the linguistic model, or the
use of correspondence rules between different levels of

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
Submission Format
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Submissions can be in French or in English.  They should be at most 10
pages (including all figures, data, notes, and bibliography) using a
12 point font, printed in one column.  Style files for Word and LaTeX
will be available on the web site.

Submissions should be sent as PDF or postscript file to:
mtt2003.submit at linguist.jussieu.fr

For any questions, please email mtt2003 at linguist.jussieu.fr

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

1 March: submission deadline
15 April: results of reviewing
15 May: final version due
16-18 June: MTT 2003

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
Program Committee
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Margarita Alonso Ramos          U. de la Coruna, Spain
Jurij Apresjan                  Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian
David Beck                      U. of Edmonton, Canada
Igor Boguslavskij               IPPI PAN, Moscow, Russian Federation
Jose Coch                       LingWay, Paris, France
Alexandre Dikovsky              U. de Nantes, France
Marc Dymetman                   Xerox, Grenoble, France
Thierry Fontenelle              Microsoft, Seattle, USA
Catherine Fuchs                 ENS, Paris, France
Eva Hajicova                    Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Leonid Iomdin                   Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian
Lidija Iordanskaja              U. de Montreal, Canada
Kyo Kageura                     NII, Tokyo, Japan
Sylvain Kahane                  U. Paris 10, France
Marie-Claude Lhomme             U. de Montreal, Canada
Igor Mel'cuk                    U. de Montreal, Canada
Alexis Nasr                     U. Paris 7, France
Alain Polguere                  U. de Montreal, Canada
Owen Rambow                     Columbia U., New York, USA
Agnes Tutin                     U. de Grenoble, France
Leo Wanner                      U. Stuttgart, Germany

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
Local Arrangements Committee
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Sylvain Kahane                  Lattice, U. Paris 10, France
Alexis Nasr                     Lattice, U. Paris 7, France

Lucie Barque                    Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Laurence Danlos                 Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Laurence Delort                 Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Adil El Ghali                   Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Dina El Kassas                  Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Kim Gerdes                      Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Francois Lareau                 Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Jacques Steinlin                Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Francois Toussenel              Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Etienne Van Tien Nguyen         Lattice, U. Paris 7, France
Alexandra Volanschi             Lattice, U. Paris 7, France

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Date:  Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:09:10 EST
From:  Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject:  Text Summarization & Document Understanding, Canada

		HLT-NAACL Text Summarization Workshop
	     Document Understanding Conference (DUC 2003)

		       May 31 and June 1, 2003
			 Edmonton, AB, Canada



February 28, 2003 (but see below)


A series of highly successful summarization meetings have been held
over the last few years in a number of locations: Dagstuhl 1994,
Madrid 1997, Stanford 1998, Seattle 2000, Pittsburgh 2001, New Orleans
2001 (DUC 2001), and Philadelphia 2002 (jointly with DUC 2002). The
goal of the 2003 meeting is to provide a venue where new results
can be discussed, including results from DUC 2003.

Over the last three years, DUC (Document Understanding Conference,
http://duc.nist.gov/) has been the main evaluation forum for research
in text summarization.  Sixteen sites participated in the most recent
installment of the evaluation, with results presented at a joint
workshop following the Philadelphia ACL meeting.

The proposed workshop will include papers on all aspects of
text summarization, including but not limited to the following:
non-extractive summarization, spoken language (including dialogue)
summarization, language modeling for text and speech summarization,
multi-document and multilingual summarization, integration of
question answering and text summarization, Web-based summarization,
evaluation of summarization systems, etc.

The second day of the workshop will be devoted to discussion of
the results from DUC 2003.  The DUC schedule calls for results
to be submitted by mid-February.


The suggested format for the meeting is quite similar to last year's
workshop in Philadelphia

Two tracks will be included in the program:

T1. Regular summarization papers (submission open to the general
    public), published by ACL
T2. (draft) DUC notebook papers (submission limited to DUC
    participants, attendance is open), published by NIST

Some important dates (tentative):

Track T1:
- February 28, 2003 - submissions due
- March 19, 2003 - authors notified
- April 1, 2003 - camera-ready papers due

Track T2:
- May 5, 2003 - notebook papers due at NIST

The main HLT-NAACL conference will be held May 28-30. The proposed
dates for the DUC workshop are Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, June 1,
2003. The exact schedule of the workshop will be determined later,
based on the number of submissions to the two tracks.


Please send your submission in PS or PDF to both Dragomir Radev and
Simone Teufel at the email addresses shown below.

You must use the HLT-NAACL format described at
(note that all submissions are anonymous).


http://duc.nist.gov : DUC Evaluation 2003
http://www.hlt-naacl03.org : HLT-NAACL 2003


Dragomir Radev (co-chair), University of Michigan (radev at umich.edu)
Simone Teufel (co-chair), University of Cambridge (simone.teufel at cl.cam.ac.uk)
Donna Harman, NIST (donna.harman at nist.gov)
Paul Over, NIST (paul.over at nist.gov)


all of the above plus:
Regina Barzilay, Cornell University (regina at cs.cornell.edu)
John Conroy, IDA Center for Computing Sciences (conroy at super.org)
Udo Hahn, U. Freiburg (hahn at coling.uni-freiburg.de)
Eduard Hovy, USC/ISI (hovy at isi.edu)
Hongyan Jing, IBM Research (hjing at us.ibm.com)
Guy Lapalme, U. Montreal (lapalme at iro.umontreal.ca)
Chin-Yew Lin, USC/ISI (cyl at isi.edu)
Inderjeet Mani, MITRE (imani at mitre.org)
Marie-Francine Moens, KU Leuven (marie-france.moens at law.kuleuven.ac.be)
Karen Sparck-Jones, U. Cambridge (karen.sparck-jones at cl.cam.ac.uk)
Tadashi Nomoto, National Institute of Japanese Literature (nomoto at acm.org)
Horacio Saggion, U. Sheffield (h.saggion at dcs.shef.ac.uk)
Stan Szpakowicz, U. Ottawa (szpak at site.uottawa.ca)
Klaus Zechner, ETS (kzechner at ets.org)

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