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Subject: 14.421, Books: Pidgins & Creoles, Cape Verde: Baptista

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Date:  Thu, 06 Feb 2003 13:55:56 +0000
From:  paul at benjamins.com
Subject:  The Syntax of Cape Verdean Creole: Baptista

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Date:  Thu, 06 Feb 2003 13:55:56 +0000
From:  paul at benjamins.com
Subject:  The Syntax of Cape Verdean Creole: Baptista

Title: The Syntax of Cape Verdean Creole
Subtitle: The Sotavento varieties
Series Title: Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 54
Publication Year: 2003
Publisher: John Benjamins
           http://www.benjamins.com/, http://www.benjamins.nl		
Book URL: http://www.benjamins.nl/cgi-bin/t_bookview.cgi?bookid=LA_54
Author: Marlyse  Baptista, University of Georgia

Hardback: ISBN: 158811290X, Pages: xxii, 294 pp., Price: USD 110.00
Comment: Includes CD-rom
Hardback: ISBN: 9027227756, Pages: xxii, 294 pp., Price: EUR 110.00
Comment: Includes CD-rom

This book offers an in-depth treatment of a variety of
morpho-syntactic issues in Cape Verdean Creole (CVC) both from a
descriptive and theoretical perspective. The investigated topics
include the determiner system, Tense, Mood, Aspect markers and
pronominal paradigms. The study of TMA markers reveals
morpho-syntactic configurations with interesting ramifications for
syntactic theory and parametric variation. This book targets
creolists, theoretical linguists, and the Cape Verdean
community. Given the diversified targeted audience, the descriptive
chapters are purposefully kept separate from their theoretical
counterparts, presenting issues that are later revisited in the
Minimalist framework. The data used in this study are primarily drawn
from 83 transcribed interviews from a pool of 187 speakers. The
interviews were collected during fieldwork conducted in 1997, 2000 and
2001 in the Cape Verdean Sotavento (leeward) islands representing the
more basilectal varieties of the creole. As all natural languages, CVC
displays syntactic similarities and differences with other creoles and
noncreoles. Hence, in the spirit of comparative syntax, this volume
compares CVC to other creoles like Guinea-Bissau Creole and to
noncreoles like Portuguese, French, Icelandic and Italian dialects.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements  xiii-xiv
Abbreviations  xv-xvi
Maps  xvii-xxi
Introduction  1-11
Cape Verdean Creole: A sociohistorical sketch  13-21
The Cape Verdean NP  23-74
The VP and other constituents  75-138
Cape Verdean Creole syntactic patterns  139-157
Cape Verdean Creole functional categories and clause structure 159-167
The verbal syntax of Cape Verdean Creole  169-211
The syntax of pronominals  213-267
Appendix: The ALUPEC  269
References  271-284
Index  285-289
The CD: System requirements  291

Lingfield(s):   Generative Linguistics (Syntax)
		Pidgins & Creoles (Sociolinguistics)
Subject Language(s): Cape Verdean Creole

Areal Regions:  African

Written In:  English (Language Code: ENG)




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