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Subject: 14.462, Jobs: Psycholing: Post Doc, U/of New South Wales

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Date:  Sat, 15 Feb 2003 22:26:35 +0000
From:  m.taft at unsw.edu.au
Subject:  Psycholinguistics: Post Doc, University of New South Wales, Sydney

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Date:  Sat, 15 Feb 2003 22:26:35 +0000
From:  m.taft at unsw.edu.au
Subject:  Psycholinguistics: Post Doc, University of New South Wales, Sydney

University or Organization: University of New South Wales, Sydney
Department: Psychology
Rank of Job: Post Doc
Specialty Areas: Cognitive Science, Phonology, Psycholinguistics


Phonological and Orthographic Representation in Lexical Processing

Marcus Taft of the School of Psychology at the University of New South
Wales, Sydney, Australia, is seeking an appropriately qualified person
to work with him on a project looking at the processing and
representation of lexical form in the recognition and production of
both spoken and written words. The focus is on the nature of
phonological representation that potentially underlies all of these
tasks in terms of it being an abstract representation that is possibly
influenced by orthography.

You would be expected to design materials and conduct experiments
under the supervision of Marcus Taft, but would also be encouraged to
develop your own research ideas within the area of lexical processing.

The appointee would be expected to have a PhD, or be close to
submission, in a relevant area of Psychology/Linguistics. The ideal
appointee would have a strong grounding in experimental research
methods and data analysis, experience in speech research, an
understanding of phonological theory, and would be sympathetic toward
the idea that orthography can modulate the processing of spoken

The appointment would be initially for a period of 12 months, with the
possibility of extension beyond that. The earlier the starting date,
the better.

The salary would be in the range $A48,700 - $A52,000 (which at the
moment is approximately $28,700 - $30,700 US).

If interested, please contact Marcus Taft who can send you a more
detailed description of the project. Applications close March 17th:
M.Taft at unsw.edu.au, or fax (61-2) 9385 3641.

Address for Applications:

	Attn: Prof Marcus Taft
	School of Psychology
	University of NSW
	Sydney, NSW 2052

	Applications are due by 17-Mar-2003

Contact Information:
	Marcus Taft
	Email: M.Taft at unsw.edu.au
	Tel: 612-9385-3026

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