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Subject: 14.510, Calls: General Ling/Auxiliary Selection

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Date:  Wed, 19 Feb 2003 12:54:38 +0000
From:  msgomez at lugo.usc.es
Subject:  General Linguistics, Spain

Date:  Wed, 19 Feb 2003 13:50:42 +0000
From:  raranovich at ucdavis.edu
Subject:  Cross-linguistic Variation in Auxiliary Selection, CA USA

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 19 Feb 2003 12:54:38 +0000
From:  msgomez at lugo.usc.es
Subject:  General Linguistics, Spain

6th Conference on General Linguistics

Location: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Date: 03-MAY-04 - 07-MAY-04

Call Deadline: 15-Oct-2003

Web Site: http://www.usc.es/koine
Contact Person: Secretaria del VI Congreso de Linguistica General
Meeting Email: viclg2 at usc.es
Linguistic Subfield(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

All the information concerning the conference is in our website:
The 6th General Linguistics Conference will be held at the University
of Santiago de Compostela from May the 3rd to the 7th, 2004. As in
previous occasions, the main aim of the conference is to serve as a
forum for the presentation and discussion of the activities and
achievements of researchers working in the area of General

The basic organizational structure of the conference will be as

- plenaries by highly-reputed specialists;
- Individual papers;
- Intersection and contrast of papers on the same subject-area,
coordinated by a moderator;
- Research panels showing work done by the various General Linguistics
research groups in Spanish universities.

Contribution proposals will be sorted into the following categories:
(1) Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis and Ethnography of Communication;
(2) Sociolinguistics; (3) Technological Linguistics (electronic
dictionaries, corpus linguistics, transcription tools, etc.); (4)
Language Typology; (5) Phonetics and Phonology; (6) Grammar; (7)
Semantics; (8) Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics; (9) History of
Linguistics; (10) Linguistic Theory and Methodology; (11) Forensic
Linguistics; (12) Clinical Linguistics; (13) Language Teaching and
Learning; (14) Translation Theory and Practice; (15) Sign Language;
(16) Historical Linguistics; (17) Linguistic Anthropology; (18)
Linguistic Terminology; (19) Language Planning.

Proposals for papers and research panels must be submitted before 15
October, 2003. Abstracts must fulfill the following conditions: they
should be no longer than 500 words (aprox.), use single spacing and 11
point Times New Roman type; they should include a presentation of the
topic as well as a general, clear outline of the content and main
ideas presented. Proposals, which should also be accompanied by the
contributor's personal data, should be sent in MS Word 97's
(preferably) RTF format as an e-mail attachment to the following
e-mail address, viclg2 at usc.es. Finally, a paper version should also be
sent to the Conference Secretary (see postal address below).

In the second circular (to be sent in December 2003) the format
conditions for the presentation of both the actual papers and panels
will be specified. Furthermore, as important changes will made to the
traditional conference organisation, the second circular will also
contain a detailed description of the new conference structure.

Postal address:
Area de Linguistica Xeral
Facultade de Filoloxia
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Campus Norte, s/n
15782 Santiago de Compostela

Phone number: +34 981563100, ext. 11776/11976/11799
Fax number: +34 981574646
E-mail address: viclg2 at usc.es			

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 19 Feb 2003 13:50:42 +0000
From:  raranovich at ucdavis.edu
Subject:  Cross-linguistic Variation in Auxiliary Selection, CA USA

Workshop on Cross-linguistic Variation in Auxiliary Selection

Short Title: Workshop on Auxiliaries
Location: Davis, CA, United States of America
Date: 31-May-2003 - 01-Jun-2003
Call Deadline: 14-Apr-2003

Web Site: http://linguistics.ucdavis.edu
Contact Person: Raúl Aranovich
Meeting Email: raranovich at ucdavis.edu
Linguistic Subfield(s): General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

Many languages show a split in the distribution of perfect
auxiliaries. In French, Dutch, Italian, and German, for instance, some
verbs select the 'be' auxiliary, while others select the 'have'
auxiliary. Recent work on split auxiliary systems highlights the role
of lexical-semantic factors such as animacy, telicity, volitionality,
etc., in the formulation of auxiliary selection constraints. This
approach receives support from an emerging wealth of evidence from
cross-linguistic variation and language development, and from less
studied languages (Yiddish, Old Spanish, etc.). These data challenge
many of the received views about perfect auxiliary selection. The
organizer invites submissions on topics related to the
lexical-semantics of auxiliary selection, studies of language
development or cross-linguistic variation of split auxiliary systems,
or theoretical approaches to auxiliary selection. Invited Speakers:

Géraldine Legendre (Johns Hopkins U.)
Annie Zaenen (Stanford U./PARC)
Thomas Shannon (UC Berkeley)


All authors should submit an anonymous abstract, one page in length
(with an additional page for examples, figures, and references), for a
20 minute presentation. All submissions should also include a separate
cover page specifying the authors' names, affiliation, address, and
e-mail address and title of the paper. E-mail submissions are
encouraged (PostScript, PDF, RTF, or MS-Word files are
acceptable). Send your submission electronically to
raranovich at ucdavis.edu, or to the following address:

Raúl Aranovich
Dept. of linguistics
University of California Davis
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616

Program committee:

Raúl Aranovich
Carlee Arnett
Maria Manoliu-Manea
Patrick Farrell


The relevant information (fees, booking, etc.) can be found at the
website http://linguistics.ucdavis.edu  by following the
link to the registration.

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