14.545, FYI: New Web Site on the US Visa Process

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Subject: 14.545, FYI: New Web Site on the US Visa Process

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From:  "Barbara H. Partee" <partee at online.ru>
Subject:   New Web Site on the US Visa Process

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From:  "Barbara H. Partee" <partee at online.ru>
Subject:   New Web Site on the US Visa Process

I just got the following message included in a mailing from the National
Academy of Sciences. They have been (and still are) collecting and tracking
information about visa problems affecting the science community, and have a
website that contains useful information as well as a place for reporting
visa problems (they won't try to solve individual problems, but they are
documenting them and informing the government of the harmful impact of the
new visa procedures on US science.) So this should be useful for all foreign
visitors to the US, for anyone planning to host a visiting scientist or
student, and for anyone planning a conference with international

-  New Web Site on the Visa Process
The National Academies' Board on International Scientific
Organizations has launched a new Web site to provide information
to the scientific community about the visa process. This
information is meant to help both our international colleagues
who plan to come to the United States as well as the U.S.
scientists who may be inviting them or planning a scientific

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