14.554, FYI: Nominations for 2003 Ken Hale Prize

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Subject: 14.554, FYI: Nominations for 2003 Ken Hale Prize

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Date:  Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:50:12 +0000
From:  Akira Yamamoto <akira at ku.edu>
Subject:  Nominations for 2003 Ken Hale Prize

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Date:  Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:50:12 +0000
From:  Akira Yamamoto <akira at ku.edu>
Subject:  Nominations for 2003 Ken Hale Prize

The Ken Hale Prize is presented annually by the Society for the Study
of Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA) in recognition of
outstanding community language work and a deep commitment to the
documentation, maintenance, promotion, and revitalization of
indigenous languages in the Americas.  The Prize (which carries a
small monetary stipend and is not to be confused with the Linguistic
Society of America's Kenneth Hale Book Award) will honor those who
strive to link the academic and community spheres in the spirit of Ken
Hale, and recipients will range from native speakers and
community-based linguists to academic specialists, and may include
groups or organizations.  No academic affiliation is necessary.

Nominations for the award may be made by anyone, and should include a
letter of nomination stating the current position and affiliation, if
appropriate, of the nominee or nominated group (tribal,
organizational, or academic), and a summary of the nominee's
background and contributions to specific language communities.  The
nominator should also submit a brief portfolio of supporting
materials, such as the nominee's curriculum vitae, a description of
completed or ongoing activities of the nominee, letters from those who
are most familiar with the work of the nominee (e.g.  language program
staff, community people, academic associates), and any other material
that would support the nomination.  Submission of manuscript-length
work is discouraged.

The 2003 Ken Hale Prize will be announced at the next annual meeting
of SSILA, in Boston, in January 2004.  The other members of this
year's selection committee are Sara Trechter and Colette Grinevald.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is September 30, 2003.

The nomination packet should be sent to the chair of the Committee:

                      Akira Y. Yamamoto
                      Department of Anthropology
                      University of Kansas
                      Fraser Hall 622
                      1415 Jayhawk Blvd.
                      Lawrence, KS 66045-7556

Nominations will be kept active for two subsequent years for prize
consideration, and nominators are invited to update their nomination
packets if so desired.  Inquiries can be e-mailed to Akira Yamamoto at
<akira at ku.edu>.

Akira Y. Yamamoto
The University of Kansas
Department of Anthropology
Fraser Hall 622
1415 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence KS 66045-7556
Phone: 785/864-2645
FAX: 785/864-5224
Anthropology: http://www.cc.ku.edu/~kuanth/
Linguistics: http://www.linguistics.ku.edu/

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