14.574, Calls: Language Change in French/Computational Ling

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Subject: 14.574, Calls: Language Change in French/Computational Ling

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Date:  Tue, 25 Feb 2003 10:25:16 +0100
From:  Sophie Prévost <Sophie.Prevost at ens.fr>
Subject:  Appel à communications Diachro-II

Date:  Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:45:32 +0100
From:  info at folli.org
Subject:  ESSLLI'03 Student Session

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Tue, 25 Feb 2003 10:25:16 +0100
From:  Sophie Prévost <Sophie.Prevost at ens.fr>
Subject:  Appel à communications Diachro-II

Appel à communications

DIACHRO-II: Phénomènes de changement en français

organisé par le GDR 2349 (CNRS) « Diachronie du français et évolution
des langues »

Paris, les 15, 16 et 17 janvier 2004

A la suite du succès du colloque DIACRO-I en janvier 2002, le GDR
Diachronie du français organise un second colloque sur la diachronie
du français.

Pour cette nouvelle rencontre qui aura lieu à Paris du 15 au 17
janvier 2004, nous souhaitons privilégier les communications portant
sur les trois thèmes suivants : - la relation entre variation et
changement linguistiques, - les déterminants du nom, - les changements
mal identifiés ou peu décrits.

Mais toute proposition concernant l'évolution du français sera bien
entendu prise en considération.

La langue du colloque sera préférentiellement le français, mais chaque
intervenant pourra utiliser la langue de son choix.

Les propositions de communication devront nous parvenir avant le 20
mai 2003 sous forme d'un titre et d'un résumé anonyme d'une page,
accompagné sur une feuille à part (ou dans un fichier séparé) des
coordonnées (nom, institution, courriel, adresse postale).  Elles sont
à adresser, sous forme électronique ou postale, ou par fax, à :
adresse :      Mme F. Muller-Riets
               Colloque DIACHRO-II  "Phénomènes de changement en
               Université Nancy 2
               BP 3397
               54015  Nancy CEDEX
courriel :     Francoise.Muller.Riets at univ-nancy2.fr
fax :          03 83 96 70 64

La réponse aux propositions sera envoyée le 20 juin 2003.

Le comité d'organisation

Bernard Combettes

Christiane Marchello-Nizia

Sophie Prévost

-------------------------------- Message 2 -------------------------------

Date:  Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:45:32 +0100
From:  info at folli.org
Subject:  ESSLLI'03 Student Session

                     ESSLLI-2003 STUDENT SESSION

                        * DEADLINE EXTENSION *

                   August 18-29 2003, Vienna, Austria

                *** EXTENDED DEADLINE: March 7, 2003 ***


We would like to remind you of the Student Session of the 15th
European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI-
2003), which will be held in Vienna from August 18-29 2003. We invite
submission of papers for presentation at the ESSLLI-2003 Student
Session and for appearance in the proceedings.

This eighth ESSLLI Student Session will provide, like the previous
editions, an opportunity for ESSLLI participants who are students to
present their own work in progress and get feedback from senior
researchers and fellow-students.  The ESSLLI Student Session
encourages submissions from students at any level, undergraduates
(before completion of the Master Thesis) as well as postgraduates
(before completion of the PhD degree). Papers co-authored by
non-students will not be accepted.  Papers may be accepted for full
presentation (30 minutes including 10 minutes of discussion) or for a
poster presentation.  All the accepted papers will be published in the
ESSLLI-2003 Student Session proceedings, which will be made available
during the summer school.

As in previous years, the best paper and the best poster presentation
will be selected by the program committee and will be awarded a prize,
offered by Kluwer Academic Publishers. The Best Paper award will
consist of 500 euros to be spent on books, and the Best Poster award
will consist of 100 euros to be spent on books.

The Student Session papers should describe original, unpublished work,
completed or in progress that demonstrates insight, creativity, and
promise. No previously published papers should be submitted. We
welcome submissions with topics within the areas Logic, Language and

Student authors should submit a full paper, written in English, not to
exceed 7 pages of length exclusive of references. Note that the length
of the final version of the accepted papers will not be allowed to
exceed 10 pages. For any submission, a plain ASCII text version of the
identification page should be sent separately, using the following

  Title: title of the submission
  First author: firstname lastname
  Address: address of the first author
  Last author: firstname lastname
  Address: address of the last author
  Short summary: abstract (5 lines)
  Subject area (one or two of): Logic | Language | Computation

In case the paper is being submitted to another conference or
workshop, this must be clearly indicated on the identification page.

The paper submission should be in one of the following formats:
PostScript, PDF, RTF, or plain text. (In case of acceptance, the final
version of the paper will have to be submitted in LaTeX format.) The
papers must use single column A4 size pages, 11pt or 12pt fonts, and
standard margins, and may not exceed 7 pages of length exclusive of
references. Submissions not in accordance with these formatting and
length requirements may be subject to rejection without review.

The paper and separate identification page must be sent by e-mail to
b.ten.cate at hum.uva.nl by March 7th 2003.

In order to present a paper at ESSLLI-2003 Student Session, at least
one student author of each accepted paper has to register as a
participant at ESSLLI-2003. The authors of accepted papers will be
eligible for reduced registration fees even after the deadline for
early registration. For all information concerning ESSLLI-2003, please
consult the ESSLLI-2003 website at http://www.logic.at/esslli03.

Deadline for submission of papers : March 7, 2003.
Authors notifications             : April 22, 2003.
Final version due                 : May 19, 2003.
ESSLLI-2003 Student Session       : August 18-29, 2003.

Laura Alonso Alemany, University of Barcelona
Roberto Bonato, University of Verona, University Bordeaux I
Balder ten Cate, University of Amsterdam
Paul Egre, University Paris I
Dan Flickinger, Stanford University
Maria Fuentes Fort, University of Girona
Gabriel Infante Lopez, University of Amsterdam
Jakob Kellner, Vienna University of Technology
Favio Miranda-Perea, LMU Muenchen
Christian Retore, INRIA, LaBRI Bordeaux
Sergio Tessaris, University of Bolzano

For more information concerning the ESSLLI-2003 Student Session,
please consult the website http://www.science.uva.nl/~bcate/esslli03 .
Also, for specific questions do not hesitate to contact me:

Balder ten Cate

ILLC, University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15
1012 CP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone:  +31.20.5254552
Fax:    +31.20.5254503
E-mail: b.ten.cate at hum.uva.nl

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