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Subject: 14.725, Confs: Japanese Linguistics Institute, MI USA

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Date:  Wed, 12 Mar 2003 16:43:20 +0000
From:  M. Endo Hudson <endo at msu.edu>
Subject:  Japanese Linguistics Institute

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Wed, 12 Mar 2003 16:43:20 +0000
From:  M. Endo Hudson <endo at msu.edu>
Subject:  Japanese Linguistics Institute

Japanese Linguistics Institute

Date: 21-Jul-2003 - 08-Aug-2003
Location: East Lansing, MI, United States of America
Contact: M. Endo Hudson
Contact Email: endo at msu.edu

Meeting URL: http://www.msu.edu/user/jk13/CJKcourses.html

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics
Subject Language: Japanese

Meeting Description:

Japanese Linguistics Institute will be held at Michigan State
University, in conjunction with 2003 LSA Institute. Japanese
Linguistics Institute

Date: 7/21-8/8/03
Venue: Michigan State University
Schedule: http://www.msu.edu/~jk13/CJKcourses.html
Courses and professors:
   Japanese discourse: Haruko Minegishi Cook, University of Hawai'i,
   Japanese sociolinguistics: Shigeko Okamoto, California State
University, Fresno
   Japanese syntax: Mamoru Saito, Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan
   Japanese phonology: Timothy J. Vance, University of Arizona
   Japanese language teaching: M. Endo Hudson, Michigan State

Registration: Student registration forms are availabe at
   Forms are due by 4/1/03, after which a $50 late fee will be

Please also visit the website of 2003 LSA Institute (6/30-8/8/03)

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