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Subject: 14.782, Jobs: Syntax, Morphology: Post Doc, U/of Tromsø

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Date:  Mon, 17 Mar 2003 04:58:22 +0000
From:  curt.rice at hum.uit.no
Subject:  Syntax, Morphology Or Phonology: Post Doc, U/of Tromsø, Norway

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Mon, 17 Mar 2003 04:58:22 +0000
From:  curt.rice at hum.uit.no
Subject:  Syntax, Morphology Or Phonology: Post Doc, U/of Tromsø, Norway

University or Organization: University of Tromsø
Department: Linguistics
Rank of Job: Post Doc
Specialty Areas: General Linguistics, Syntax, Morphology, or Phonology


The University of Tromsø invites applications for two two-year
post-doctoral positions in theoretical linguistics. The positions may
possibly be extended for a third year.

A doctorate is a requirement for employment.

The positions are associated with the Faculty of Humanities and the
Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics (CASTL).

CASTL is a newly created Center with substantial funding from the
University of Tromsø and the Norwegian Research Council. Funding from
the Research Council has been awarded through their Center of
Excellence scheme and is expected to last for 10 years. The staff
consists of 5 senior researchers, 1 adjunct professor, 3 post doctors
and 6 research fellows.

The duties of the post-doctoral fellow are research, research-related
activities and research administration.

The successful applicant will submit a research proposal , which will
be the basis for employment. The proposal is to be included as part of
the job contract for the fixed-term position. The proposal should
therefore include a progress plan.

The successful applicant will document scientific competence within an
area of theoretical linguistics relevant to CASTLs research project.

The salary for the positions follows the relevant Norwegian
regulations. The regular salary for a post doctor is NOK 343.400 per
year. A 2 % contribution to the Norwegian pension fund is obligatory.

The application should include:

-a letter of application (up to 3 pages) with a description of the
 applicants background, research experience and the relevance of
 previous work to CASTLs research project
-Ph.D. dissertation or equivalent work, and, possibly, other relevant
 material (see Works below)
-A research proposal (5-7 pages), which must be relevant to CASTLs
 research profile as described on CASTLs web page:
-2 letters of recommendation
-certified copies of diplomas and transcripts
-a complete list of publications including information about where the
 works have been published

Applications will be evaluated by an expert committee. Emphasis will
be put on the submitted scientific works and the research proposal for
the post-doc period. The committee will also consider the need for
covering the various research areas under CASTL.

Works and material which are to be part of the evaluation must be
submitted by April 14th, 2003. References should be included in the

The University of Tromsø wishes to recruit women to academic
positions. When two applicants are found to be essentially equally
qualified, the University will rank the female applicant ahead of the
male applicant.

Employment is decided upon by the Board of the Faculty of Humanities.

The application (but not the dissertation and other works) should be
sent in 5 collated sets to the following address by April 14th, 2003:

The University Director
The University of Tromsø
NO-9037 Tromsø

Works: Applicants should send three collated sets of up to ten
academic works (one of which is the Ph.D. dissertation), one copy of
other academic works, and a description of the applicants academic
production in which it is clearly stated which works are the most
significant and hence should be central to the evaluation. Other
academic works are described briefly in order to show the breadth of
the academic production.

This material should be sent to the following address by April 14th, 2003:

The Faculty of Humanities
The University of Tromsø
NO-9037 Tromsø

The most official version of this announcement can be found via

Address for Applications:

	Attn: University Director Arne Benjaminsen
	University of Tromsø
	Tromsø, NO-9037

	Applications are due by 14-Apr-2003

Contact Information:
	Curt Rice
	Email: curt.rice at hum.uit.no
	Tel: +47 7764 5354
	Website: http://www.hum.uit.no/castl

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