14.838, Sum: VERB into VERBing

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Subject: 14.838, Sum: VERB into VERBing

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Date:  Fri, 21 Mar 2003 19:34:57 +0100
From:  "Stefan Th. Gries" <STGries at freenet.de>
Subject:  Sum: VERB into VERBing

-------------------------------- Message 1 -------------------------------

Date:  Fri, 21 Mar 2003 19:34:57 +0100
From:  "Stefan Th. Gries" <STGries at freenet.de>
Subject:  Sum: VERB into VERBing

Dear colleagues

A week ago I posted a query (Linguist 14.760) concerning literature on
the construction exemplified in (1).

(1)    a.    He can trick the doctor into giving him an alibi. (BNC:FF0)
       b.    They were forced into formulating an opinion. (BNC:CF4)
       c.    He talked me into staying two more days. (BNC:CCW)

As a result, I received the following references:

Alsina, Alex. 1996 "Resultatives: A Joint Operation of Semantic and
Syntactic Structures." Paper presented at the LFG Workshop, Grenoble,

Rudanko, Juhani. 1996. Prepositions and Complement Clauses. Albany:
State University of New York Press.

Khalifa, Jean-Charles. 1999. La Syntaxe anglaise aux consours. Armand

Rudanko, Juhani. 2000. Corpora and Complementation. Lanham, New York,
Oxford: University Press of America. (esp. Ch. 5)

Rudanko, Juhani. 2001 "Into -ing as a construction in English" Paper
presented at the 1st Construction Grammar Conference in 2001.

Rudanko, Juhani. 2002. "Construction Grammar and Linguistic
Productivity: A Case Study Based on Corpus Evidence." Paper given at
the AAACL in Indianapolis.

Rudanko, Juhani .2002. Complements and Constructions: Corpus-Based
Studies on Sentential Complements in English in Recent
Centuries. Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America.

Also, I was informed of the Collins Cobuild Grammar Patterns: 1: Verbs
(Section 17, pp 396-398), where this construction/pattern is
classified into 5 different meaning groups:

1) Force: badger, blackmail, bludgeon, bounce, brainwash, browbeat,
bulldoze, bully, chivvy, coerce, co-opt, cow, dragoon, force,
frighten, goad, intimidate, manipulate, nag, panic, press, press-gang,
pressure, pressurize, prod, provoke, push, railroad, scare, shock,
stampede, steamroller, talk, terrify.

2) Trick: con, deceive, delude. dupe, entrap, fool, hoodwink,
inveigle, lure, mislead, sucker, trap, trick.

3) Charm: beguile, bribe, cajole, charm, coax, entice, flatter, sweet
talk, tempt.

4) Spur: galvanize, jolt, lead, nudge, persuade, propel, seduce, spur,
steer, stimulate, stir, tempt.

5) Other: chasten, condition, embarrass, lull, manoeuvre, rush, shame,

I thank the following contributors for their advice (in alphabetical

Cristiano Brocchias
Heidi Harley
Jean-Charles Khalifa
Anna Korhonen
Andrew Moody
Juhani Rudanko
John Swales
L. Amber Wilcox-O'Hearn

Stefan Th. Gries
IFKI, Southern Denmark University

LINGUIST List: Vol-14-838

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