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Subject: 14.853, FYI: MPhil in Linguistics, Amsterdam

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Date:  21 Mar 2003 20:55:33 -0000
From:   "P.H.F. Bos" <phf.bos at let.vu.nl>
Subject:  MPhil in Linguistics,Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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Date:  21 Mar 2003 20:55:33 -0000
From:   "P.H.F. Bos" <phf.bos at let.vu.nl>
Subject:  MPhil in Linguistics,Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

MPhil in Linguistics
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
In September 2003 the Faculty of Letters of the Vrije Universiteit in
Amsterdam will start a new program in Linguistics. It is a 2-year
MPhil program that you can follow if you already have a BA in
Linguistics, one or more languages, or in a related field. The program
will be taught in English.
In this program, we don't just look at the various language
modules (phonology - syntax - semantics - pragmatics), but also at the
relations (interfaces) between them. Other strengths of the program
are in the cross-linguistic study of language typology, language
change and death, and second language acquisition. There is also a
strong emphasis on learning how to use the different methods of
linguistic research (corpus-based research, fieldwork, native-speaker
intuitions, experiments, and linguistic modeling). In addition, there
are tutorials that prepare you for a particular speciality in
linguistics, and for writing the Master's thesis.
The MPhil program is linked directly to the research group
"The Architecture of the Human Language Faculty". The
researchers in this group (see our website at
http://www.let.vu.nl/onderzoek.nsf) will be your teachers in the MPhil
program. You will be working together with the teachers/researchers to
achieve a deeper understanding of the constraints and forces that
shape human language.

Students are welcome from all over the world. In order to
apply for admission, we will need some documentation and an
official application letter. You will find an overview of
the necessary documentation at
These must be submitted in English, before June 1st, 2003!
Further information
If you wish to receive further information on the
program, please contact us by e-mail: linguistics at let.vu.nl Or, if you
live in the Netherlands, find out more about the program during the VU
information day on master programs on April 12! Call 020 - 444 5000
for further information.

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