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Date: 02-Dec-2004
From: Lyle Campbell < lyle.campbell at linguistics.utah.edu >
Subject: Center for American Indian Languages (CAIL) 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 22:14:43
From: Lyle Campbell < lyle.campbell at linguistics.utah.edu >
Subject: Center for American Indian Languages (CAIL) 

Center for American Indian Languages (CAIL).

The University of Utah is pleased to announce the launch of its Center for
American Indian Languages (CAIL). The Center is dedicated to: (1) urgent
and ambitious research on the endangered languages and cultures of Native
America, (2) to training of students to address scholarly and practical
needs involving these languages and their communities of speakers (with
training for native speakers and those whose heritage languages are
involved), and (3) to work with community members where languages and
cultures are endangered towards linguistic and cultural revitalization. 

CAIL and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History have entered
into a formal partnership to pursue common goals. CAIL capitalizes on a
long tradition and current strengths of the University of Utah in American
Indian linguistics and endangered languages, where Center members have
unusually strong national and international standing. Under the direction
of Dr. Lyle Campbell (Mayan, Uto-Aztecan, Mesoamerican, Matacoan), key
members of the Center's faculty also includes Dr. Mauricio Mixco (Yuman,
Siouan, Shoshoni), Dr. David Iannucci (Numic), Dr. Marianna DiPaolo, (Chair
of Linguistics; Shoshoni), and Drs. MaryAnn Christison, Rachel Hayes-Harb,
and Steve Sternfeld (language revitalization and applied linguistics).  

CAIL is housed in a historic (cir. 1875) red sandstone building in Ft.
Douglas, at the edge of the University of Utah campus, with the beautiful
Washach Mountains directly behind.  It has a reference library and reading
room (collection of books and materials on language endangerment, language
revitalization, and Native American languages), an archives and collections
room, publications and conference room and classrooms. The Center houses
three floors of office space to accommodate on-going projects, visiting
scholars, postdocs, and students.

CAIL is developing a publication series and annual conferences in
collaboration with Smithsonian NMNH. The first "Conference on Endangered
Languages and Cultures of Native America" (CELCNA) will take place April
8-9, 2005 at the University of Utah (deadline for abstracts Jan 14, 2005;
details to be posted on (http://hum.utah.edu/linguistics), or contact Julia
Pratt of the Department of Linguistics at julialice at yahoo.com).

The Center has substantial projects in progress: 'Preserving And Enhancing
Accessibility Of Gosiute/Shoshoni Materials'  (NSF sponsored; Principal
Investigators: Mauricio Mixco and Marianna DiPaolo [U of Utah]); and
'Description Of Chorote, Nivaclé And Kadiwéu: Three Of Least Known And Most
Endangered Languages Of The Chaco,' Endangered Languages Documentation
Programme (Rausing Charitable Fund, SOAS; Principal Investigators: Lyle
Campbell [U of Utah]), Verónica Grondona [Eastern Michigan U], and Filomena
Sandalo [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil].  

The Center welcomes affiliations with other language documentation and
revitalization projects.  Visiting scholars, students, and representatives
of American Indian groups are welcome.  Graduate student applications are
invited for either the University of Utah?s PhD program in linguistics or
for the 'Certificate in Revitalization of Endangered Languages and
Cultures' (CRELC) program anticipated for next year.  

For more information, contact 
Lyle Campbell at lyle.campbell at linguistics.utah.edu or  
Mauricio Mixco at m.mixco at m.cc.utah.edu. 

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