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Subject: 15.3414, TOC: Language and Education 18:6 (2004)

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Date: 06-Dec-2004
From: Kathryn King < marketing at multilingual-matters.com >
Subject: Language and Education 18:6

-------------------------Message 1 ----------------------------------
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 10:38:30
From: Kathryn King < marketing at multilingual-matters.com >
Subject: Language and Education 18:6

Publisher:      Multilingual Matters

Journal Title:  Language and Education
Volume Number:  18
Issue Number:  6
Issue Date:  2004

Main Text:

CRUICKSHANK, Ken: Literacy in Multilingual Contexts: Change in teenagers'
reading and writing

JOHNSON, G., WATSON, G.: "Oh gawd how am I going to fit into this?":
Producing [mature] first year student identity

McVITTIE, J:  Discourse Communities, Student Selves and Learning

MCWILLIAM, Donna,  HOWE, Christine: Enhancing Preschoolers' Reasoning
Skills: An Intervention to Optimise the Use of Justificatory Speech Acts
During Peer Interaction

NAGAI, Y. & LISTER, R.: From Vernacular to English: A Model of Innovation
from Within the Hearts of the Indigenous Teachers in Papua New Guinea

ROJAS-DRUMMOND, Sylvia & PEON ZAPATA, Margarita: Exploratory Talk,
Argumentation and Reasoning in Primary School Mexican Children

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
                     Applied Linguistics

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