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Subject: 15.3478, Support: Sociolinguistics: PhD Student, Rice University

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Date: 13-Dec-2004
From: Claire Bowern < bowern at pop.mail.rice.edu >
Subject: Sociolinguistics: PhD Student, Rice University, Houston, USA

-------------------------Message 1 ----------------------------------
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:56:26
From: Claire Bowern < bowern at pop.mail.rice.edu >
Subject: Sociolinguistics: PhD Student, Rice University, Houston, USA

University or Organization: Rice University
Job Rank: PhD

On December 1, 2004, competition opened for academic year 2005-2006
admissions and fellowships for the Rice University Ph.D. program in

The doctoral program at Rice focuses on the usage-based study of human
language, with primary attention to the relation of form and function, and
the cognitive, interactional, and sociocultural situation of language
users. The overriding theoretical orientation is functional linguistics,
with an eclectic application of theoretical models. Language areas
particularly well represented in faculty expertise are Austronesian
languages, Australian Aboriginal languages, Germanic and Slavic languages,
Japanese, and African languages. Other languages recently studied in field
methods include languages of North and South America and of South Asia.


Candidates for admission must submit an application form and university
transcripts before February 1. Also required are scores from the Graduate
Record Examination, and, for non-native speakers of English, scores for the
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). These examinations should be
taken in time for the scores to be made available by early February 2005.
In many countries the latest date for taking the GRE before our deadline is
Dec. 11. See the GRE and TOEFL websites to find the earliest date to take
the test in your region.

The candidate should also arrange for three letters of recommendation from
relevant faculty who know the candidate's work, preferably in Linguistics,
to be sent to the Linguistics Dept. at the address given. A course paper or
publication (written in English) in linguistics or related subject should
be supplied if possible.


Admission and financial awards are competitive. Graduate fellowship
packages are awarded to outstanding candidates for admission to the
doctoral program. Awards generally include Rice tuition and a cash stipend
for living expenses. Fellowships are normally available for 4 or 5 years of
support depending on prior background. In general, the department admits
applicants whom it can offer a financial package.


Applications are welcome from both U.S.-based and international students.
Because international qualifications sometimes require extra time to
consider, foreign students are strongly encouraged to write a letter of
intention to apply, which briefly outlines their qualifications and
indicates the linguists from whom they intend to request letters of
recommendation. Letters of intention to apply should be sent as soon as
possible in Fall 2004 for the current application cycle. Letters of intent
received by December 15 will receive fullest consideration and will help us
to identify the top candidates from outside the U.S. The letter should be
addressed to the department. Students from countries with currency problems
can request a waiver of the application fee and such requests will be
considered on the basis of need.


In 2004, four entering doctoral students were awarded full fellowships plus
tuition waivers. Currently all students within the first five years of
their progress to degree are financially supported. Current doctoral
students (16 at present) come from the U.S., Germany, Israel, Korea,
Russia, Brazil, Taiwan R.O.C., Hungary, and Mexico. Normative time to
degree is 3-4 years with masters degree, 4-5 years without. Usual time of
completion is 5 years.


Application can be made online from our website. Scroll down to near the
bottom of the page, where there is a link to the on-line application form.


All supplementary application materials and correspondence should be sent
to the correspondence addresses:

Rita Riley
rriley at rice.edu

Department of Linguistics M.S. 23
Rice University
P.O. Box 1892
Houston  77251-1892
United States of America

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