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Subject: 15.3536, Confs: Language Acquisition/Szczyrk, Poland

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Date: 17-Dec-2004
From: Andrzej Lyda < lyda at us.edu.pl >
Subject: 17th International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition

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Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 19:53:55
From: Andrzej Lyda < lyda at us.edu.pl >
Subject: 17th International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition

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17th International Conference on Foreign / Second Language Acquisition
Short Title: ICFSLA

Date: 19-May-2005 - 21-May-2005
Location: Szczyrk, Poland
Contact: Janusz Arabski
Contact Email: enoffice at ares.fils.us.edu.pl
Meeting URL: http://uranos.cto.us.edu.pl/~icfsla/

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition

Meeting Description:


Szczyrk, Poland, 19-21 May 2005

The Institute of English at the University of Silesia is pleased to
announce the 17th International Conference on Foreign and Second Language

Traditionally, this conference focuses on research in foreign language
learning, emphasising a leading theme related to its specific aspects. This
time, however, we do not intend to suggest any particular areas of focus
and all papers related to the broadly understood field of language
acquisition studies are welcome. All those willing to contribute papers or
to listen to presentations are welcome to participate in this conference.

The event will be held in Szczyrk, a resort town in the Beskid Mountains of
Southern Poland, from 19th to 21st May 2005.

Paper abstracts should be sent before 31 January 2005 to the Institute of
English. The registration form, including the paper abstract, may be posted
or sent by fax or as an attachment to an e-mail: enoffice at ares.fils.us.edu.pl

As in the previous years we did our best to reduce participants' costs. As
a result of the joint effort we are pleased to announce that the
all-inclusive conference fee (food, accommodation, conference fee proper) is
approximately 700 z?oty (150 euro.)

Traditionally, conference papers will be published and the recent
post-conference publications are:

Time for words. Edited by Janusz Arabski. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang
Press, 2002. Pp. 275

Pragmatics and language learning. Edited by Janusz Arabski. Universitas.
2004, Pp. 246

For conference-related matters, contact Professor Janusz Arabski, or
Conference Organisers, at the following address:

Institute of English, University of Silesia
ul. ?ytnia 10
41-205  Sosnowiec

tel/fax:  (48  32)  291 74 17
e-mail:  enoffice at ares.fils.us.edu.pl

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