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Subject: 15.3538, Calls: Socioling/Italy; Computational Ling/Finland

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Date: 17-Dec-2004
From: Susanna Pertot < secretary-icml at slori.org >
Subject: International Conference on Minority Languages

Date: 17-Dec-2004
From: Janne Johannessen < jannebj at ilf.uio.no >
Subject: Special Session on Treebanks for Spoken Language and Discourse

-------------------------Message 1 ----------------------------------
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 22:08:48
From: Susanna Pertot < secretary-icml at slori.org >
Subject: International Conference on Minority Languages

Full Title: International Conference on Minority Languages
Short Title: X - ICML

Date: 01-Jul-2005 - 02-Jul-2005
Location: Trieste - Trst, Italy
Contact Person: Marina Ussai
Meeting Email: secretary.icml at slori.it
Web Site: http://www.slori.org/conference/index.php

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics

Call Deadline: 31-Jan-2005

Meeting Description:

Minority languages in post-2004 Europe. Problems and challenges.

Trieste represented in the past a symbol of the multicultural Hapsburg
empire. But later on, during the Fascist regime, it also became a symbol of
ethnic and linguistic intolerance and nationalism. During the Cold War, it
was a peripheral border town between West and East. It is now re-emerging
as a meeting-point of diverse ethno-linguistic environments, languages and
societies. As Trieste has to re-consider its own position and function in
an enlarged Europe, the ICML-X would like to re-think some basic
considerations concerning minority languages in the post-2004 Europe that
will quite soon lead towards a possible United Europe.

Detailed Call information are available on the Conference web site

-------------------------Message 2 ----------------------------------
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 22:08:53
From: Janne Johannessen < jannebj at ilf.uio.no >
Subject: Special Session on Treebanks for Spoken Language and Discourse

Full Title: Special Session on Treebanks for Spoken Language and Discourse

Date: 19-May-2005 - 19-May-2005
Location: Joensuu, Finland
Contact Person: Matthias Kromann
Meeting Email: mtk at id.cbs.dk
Web Site: http://www.hf.uio.no/tekstlab/treebank_workshop

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics

Call Deadline: 20-Feb-2005

Meeting Description:


NODALIDA 2005: http://phon.joensuu.fi/nodalida2005/
SPECIAL SESSION: http://www.hf.uio.no/tekstlab/




Treebanks are a language resource that provides annotations of natural
languages at various levels: at the morpheme level, the word level, the
phrase level, the discourse level, and the level of functor-argument
structure. Treebanks have become crucially important for the development of
data-driven approaches to natural language processing, human language
technologies, grammar extraction and linguistic research in general.

Existing spoken language treebanks include the Switchboard section of the
Penn Treebank [1], and the CHRISTINE [2] and ICE-GB [3] treebanks for
English; the VERBMOBIL [4] treebanks for English, German, and Japanese; and
the CGN [5] treebank for Dutch. Existing discourse treebanks include the
English RST Corpus [6] and the Penn Discourse Treebank [7]. The DAMSL
project [8] and the Gothenburg Dialogue Coding Schemas [9] address the
problem of annotating dialogues with speech act relations between utterances.

The special NODALIDA session on treebanks aims to provide a forum where
researchers and advanced students with an interest in treebanks can
exchange ideas, in particular on how to extend treebanks from syntactic
annotations of written language to treebanks that also include annotations
of the structure of spoken language with respect to syntax, discourse
structure, and/or speech acts.


There will be one invited speaker.
We invite submission of papers on topics relevant to treebanks in general,
and spoken language and discourse treebanks in particular, including but
not limited to:

* design principles and annotation schemes for annotating spoken language
and discourse treebanks with respect to syntax, discourse  structure,
and/or speech acts;

* automatic tools for creating spoken language and discourse treebanks, and
 how to adapt tools designed for creating written language  treebanks to
spoken language and discourse;

* comparing spoken language and discourse annotations with written language
 annotations, and  identifying the most important challenges  in spoken
language and discourse annotation;

While we particularly encourage submissions on spoken language and
discourse treebanks, we also encourage submissions on other treebank topics.


We invite extended abstracts (approximately 1500 words) describing existing
research connected to the topics of the special session. Submissions are
non-anonymous and should include: title; author(s); affiliation(s); and
contact author's e-mail address, postal address, telephone and fax numbers.

Abstracts should be sent to: mtk at id.cbs.dk

The presentation at the workshop will be 30 minutes long (20 minutes for
presentation and 10 minutes for questions and discussion). The final
version of the accepted papers may not exceed 12 A4 pages.


We strongly encourage the participants as well as the speakers of the
special session on spoken language and discourse treebanks to contribute
with a small sample treebank which should preferably:

* be based on a small corpus of spontaneous spoken dialogue consisting of
500-1500 words in any language;
* contain English glosses to ensure that the treebank is accessible to a
wider audience;
* include annotations of discourse relations, speech acts, or similar
relations that connect sentences and utterances made by different speakers
into larger units;
* contain annotated examples of overlapping dialogue, including utterances
where one speaker completes an utterance started by another speaker.

The sample treebank should be submitted by sending the following three
files to mtk at id.cbs.dk before 20th February 2005:

* a plain text abstract of 50-200 words that briefly describes how the
sample treebank was created, possibly with hyperlinks to more detailed
information about the treebank;
* a PDF file containing a human-readable visualization of the treebank;
* optionally, the source files for the sample treebank, preferably encoded
in TIGER-XML format.

The sample treebanks will be made publicly available before the NODALIDA


Deadline for submission of abstracts and treebank samples to the treebank
February 20, 2005

Notification of acceptance
March 25, 2005

Special session on treebanks
Thursday, May 19, 2005

Final version of paper for proceedings
June 20, 2005


Papers presented at the workshop will be invited to appear in the workshop
proceedings (after a reviewing process).


Matthias Trautner Kromann (mtk at id.cbs.dk)
Peter Juel Henrichsen (pjuel at id.cbs.dk)
Janne Bondi Johannessen (jannebj at ilf.uio.no)


SPECIAL TREEBANK SESSION: http://www.hf.uio.no/tekstlab/treebank_workshop
NORDIC TREEBANK NETWORK: http://w3.msi.vxu.se/~nivre/research/nt.html
NODALIDA: http://phon.joensuu.fi/nodalida2005/


[1] http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~treebank/home.html
[2] http://www.grsampson.net/RChristine.html
[3] http://www.ucl.ac.uk/english-usage/ice-gb
[4] http://verbmobil.dfki.de/cgi-bin/verbmobil/htbin/doc-access.cgi
[6] http://www.isi.edu/~marcu/discourse
[7] http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~pdtb
[8] http://www.cs.rochester.edu/research/cisd/resources/damsl/
[9] http://www.ling.gu.se/~jens/publications/docs076-100/093.pdf

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