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Subject: 15.3584, Confs: Pragmatics/Semantics/Syntax/Leuven, Belgium

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Date: 20-Dec-2004
From: Hubert Cuyckens < hubert.cuyckens at arts.kuleuven.ac.be >
Subject: From Ideational to Interpersonal: Perspectives from Grammaticalization

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Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 18:53:22
From: Hubert Cuyckens < hubert.cuyckens at arts.kuleuven.ac.be >
Subject: From Ideational to Interpersonal: Perspectives from Grammaticalization

>From Ideational to Interpersonal: Perspectives from Grammaticalization
Short Title: FITIGRA

Date: 10-Feb-2005 - 12-Feb-2005
Location: Leuven, Belgium
Contact: Hendrik De Smet
Contact Email: fitigra at arts.kuleuven.ac.be
Meeting URL: http://wwwling.arts.kuleuven.ac.be/fitigra

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Pragmatics;
Semantics; Syntax; Text/Corpus Linguistics; Typology

Meeting Description:

'From Ideational to Interpersonal: Perspectives from Grammaticalization' is
a conference devoted to the study of semantic-pragmatic change in
grammaticalization, from 'ideational' to 'interpersonal' (Halliday and
Hasan 1976) or from 'propositional' to 'expressive' (Traugott 1989).

>From Ideational to Interpersonal: Perspectives from Grammaticalization
Leuven (Belgium), 10-12 February 2005

Conference website: http://wwwling.arts.kuleuven.ac.be/fitigra

Hubert Cuyckens (Functional Linguistics Research Group, University of Leuven)
Kristin Davidse (Functional Linguistics Research Group, University of Leuven)
Anne-Marie Vandenbergen (English Department, University of Ghent)

The list of speakers and paper titles is now available on the conference
website (http://wwwling.arts.kuleuven.ac.be/fitigra) under ''Programme''.
Please check the website again after Christmas for the final programme.

Anyone interested in attending the conference should register by filling in
the registration page at
The deadline for registration is January 15, 2005. The registration fee is
50 Euros, payable on site. Interested participants should also inform us by
January 15, 2005 whether they want to attend the conference dinner (40
Euros) and conference reception.

This conference is devoted to the study of semantic-pragmatic change in
grammaticalization.  Its purpose is to bring together papers that examine
various aspects of grammaticalization within the framework of the clines
ideational > textual > interpersonal and/or propositional > textual >
expressive. As such, it includes contributions addressing (by now) familiar
issues in grammaticalization such as:

* auxiliarization, the development of discourse markers, etc.
* the importance of pragmatic strengthening/invited
inferencing/subjectification, as they occur in the cognitive-functional
context of speaker-hearer interaction.

Furthermore, the conference contains contributions which, within the
framework outlined above, take up newer issue that may necessitate a
broader definition of grammaticalization. These include:

* the study of shifts such as those from head to modifier (Denison 2002) or
modifier to intensifier (Adamson 2000) in the NP, a grammatical environment
which has hitherto been relatively neglected in grammaticalization theory;
* the interplay between grammaticalization and lexicalization, with the
latter understood as the formation of a new lexical item by the combination
of two formerly distinct lexical items (Fischer & Rosenbach 2000; Lehmann
2002; Van der Auwera 2002 )
* the question whether grammaticalization processes can be predicted to
follow certain structurally determined paths, such as center-to-periphery
directionality in the NP (Rijkhoff 2002);
* the role played in the lexicogrammatical re-organization accompanying
grammaticalization by syntagmatic relations between lexical items such as
collocation (Sinclair 1991), semantic feature copying (Bublitz 1996),
semantic prosody (Stubbs 1995), and pragmatic feature copying.

Finally, a number of contributions highlight the importance of such
usage-based factors as frequency and entrenchment for grammaticalization,
and, in general, give attention to quantitative data in support of
grammaticalization processes.

Teresa Fanego (University of Santiago de Compostela), Olga Fischer
(University of Amsterdam), Manfred Krug (Freiburg University), and
Elizabeth Closs Traugott (Stanford University) have confirmed their
participation as keynote speakers.

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