17.1315, Jobs: English & General Ling: Lecturer, U of Joensuu

Sat Apr 29 02:32:43 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.1315, Jobs: English & General Ling: Lecturer, U of Joensuu

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Date: 28-Apr-2006
From: Raija Elsinen < raija.elsinen at joensuu.fi >
Subject: English & General Linguistics: Lecturer, University of Joensuu, North Carelian, Finland 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 22:30:43
From: Raija Elsinen < raija.elsinen at joensuu.fi >
Subject: English & General Linguistics: Lecturer, University of Joensuu, North Carelian, Finland 

University or Organization: University of Joensuu 
Department: Language Centre
Job Rank: Lecturer  
Specialty Areas: Language Acquisition; ESP teaching for university students
(advanced level English)


We are looking for a native speaker English lecturer to work at the
University of Joensuu Language Centre.  The University of Joensuu is a
medium-sized university (c. 8000 students) in eastern Finland. The
17-member staff of the Language Centre includes 4 other English lecturers. 

The duties of the lecturer consist mainly of teaching English for Specific
and Academic Purposes, but also other teaching, guidance and tutoring aimed
at students of the six faculties, the university faculty and other staff,
and other target groups. The duties of the lecturer also include the
development of the language centre activities and the development and
planning of his/her own teaching and testing.

The Finnish universities are adopting a new salary system in 2006. Salaries
will be calculated according to both the demands of the job and also
personal performance of the teacher in the position.  According to the
university regulations, the permanent staff have to be available for four
days a week during the academic teaching semesters. 

The successful candidate should possess a licentiate or doctoral degree in
an appropriate field, good teaching skills, and familiarity with the task
domain of ESP/EAP. Candidates who possess wide experience in the field and
a record of excellent teaching abilities may also be considered for the
post even if they do not hold a licentiate or doctoral degree.
Preference will be given to candidates with practical experience in the
language centre type of teaching. In the selection, emphasis will be placed
on the applicant's academic record (degrees), research in the field of
language centre activities, or in ESP and/or EAP, knowledge of
inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary conventions, good practical and
theoretical competence in adult language learning and teaching, the
development of teaching, and educational technology.

The English lecturer should have English either as mother tongue or as a
language of education, or s/he should possess a near-native competence in
English. Candidates will be notified at a later date about the
demonstration lecture required as proof of good teaching competence.

Address for Applications:

	Rector, University of Joensuu Perttu Vartiainen 
	PB 111 
	FI-80101 Joensuu, North Carelian FI-80101 

Application Deadline: 19-May-2006 

Contact Information:

	Director Raija Elsinen 
	Email: raija.elsinen at joensuu.fi 
	Phone: +358 13 251 2505 
	Fax: +358 13 251 2153 
	Website: http://www.joensuu.fi/kielikeskus

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