17.1318, Jobs: General Linguistics: Social Scientist, NSF

Sat Apr 29 14:21:05 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.1318, Jobs: General Linguistics: Social Scientist, NSF

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Date: 29-Apr-2006
From: Joan Maling < jmaling at nsf.gov >
Subject: General Linguistics: Social Scientist, National Science Foundation, VA, USA 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 10:16:26
From: Joan Maling < jmaling at nsf.gov >
Subject: General Linguistics: Social Scientist, National Science Foundation, VA, USA 

Note to LINGUIST List subscribers:  This announcement appears in two parts. 
This is Part I. Part II will appear in a separate announcement.

University or Organization: National Science Foundation 
Department: Division of Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences
Job Rank: Social Scientist
Specialty Areas: General Linguistics 


Note:  NSF's Human Resource Management office will review applications
and will only send the top 10-20 applicants up to the Division of Behavioral &
Cognitive Sciences for consideration.

Applicants must be VERY clear about how they fit the posting and what they bring
to it.


PERMANENT POSITION:  Social Scientist (Science Assistant), AD-101-01.  Annual
salary range: $29,604 - $70,558.

LOCATION: Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic
Sciences, Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences.

RELOCATION: Expenses will be paid.

BARGAINING UNIT STATUS: This position is included in the bargaining unit and
will be filled in accordance with the merit staffing provisions of the
Collective Bargaining Agreement Article VIII.



Appointment to this position will be made under the Excepted Authority of the
NSF Act.  Candidates who do not have civil service status or reinstatement
eligibility will not obtain civil service status if selected.  Candidates
currently in the competitive service will be required to waive competitive civil
service rights if selected.  Usual
civil service benefits (retirement, health benefits, life insurance) are
applicable for appointments of more than one year.  Disabled veterans with 30%
service-connected disabilities as well as other applicants with severe
disabilities will be considered without regard to the closing date if
applications are received prior to final selection.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The individual selected for this position will
perform a variety of assignments designed to apply principles, theories, and
techniques to a selected range of problems and/or issues associated with aspects
of program operations, information assistance, and all phases of the proposal
review processes for the Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (BCS). 
Provides ad hoc support for special requests and inquiries that require a
scientific background to properly respond.  Provides scientific assistance to
BCS in all phases of the proposal review process and coordinates proposal review
activities with SBE Divisions and other directorates.  Assists with the
screening of proposals and develops factual information about grants to
ascertain whether the research is normally supported by BCS programs. 
Participates in ad hoc reviewer identification by (a) reading professional
journals and reviews in the areas of sciences handled by the programs, working
with Program Directors to expand the reviewer base, (b) administering the review
process for selected categories of proposals, (c) producing reports using
administrative data and other information from proposal and award records, (d)
accessing information from other sources to help the BCS staff identify
appropriate reviewers for proposals, and (e) serving as a resource to the
programs to assist BCS staff with library research to identify less than obvious
conflicts-of-interest of reviewers and Principal Investigators and working
relationships with other scientists and academic institutions.

Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree in any of the following social and
behavioral sciences:  archaeology; archaeometry; cognitive neuroscience;
cultural anthropology; developmental and learning sciences; geography and
regional sciences; linguistics; physical anthropology and social psychology. 
Some administrative, managerial or professional experience related to the
position is desirable.

Please see Part II of this announcement for full details.

Address for Applications 

National Science Foundation
Division of Human Resource Management 
4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 315 
Arlington, VA 22230 

Application Deadline: 08-May-2006 

Contact Information:

Yvonne Woodward 
Email: ywoodwar at nsf.gov 
Phone: (703) 292-4386 
Website: http://nsf.gov/

LINGUIST List: Vol-17-1318	


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