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Date: 06-Dec-2006
From: Thomas Stolz < stolz at uni-bremen.de >
Subject: Maltese Linguistics / Lingwistika Maltija 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 10:59:19
From: Thomas Stolz < stolz at uni-bremen.de >
Subject: Maltese Linguistics / Lingwistika Maltija 

Maltese Linguistics / Lingwistika Maltija 

Date: 18-Oct-2007 - 20-Oct-2007 
Location: Bremen, Germany 
Contact: Thomas Stolz 
Contact Email: stolz at uni-bremen.de, ghaqda at uni-bremen.de 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Subject Language(s): Maltese (mlt)

Meeting Description: 

The conference is meant to document the state-of-the-art in Maltese Linguistics. Current research projects from all kinds of areas within linguistics are presented and discussed by international experts from ten different countries world-wide. 

The wide range of topics covered by the talks of our invited speakers demonstrates that Maltese Linguistics fulfills the requirements of becoming a full-blown sub-discipline of linguistics. 

With a view to supporting Maltese Linguistics on a global scale, the International Society of Maltese Linguistics (L-Ghaqda Internazzjonali tal-Lingwistika Maltija) will be founded on occasion of the conference. Both the conference and the Society will be hosted by the University of Bremen/Germany, where linguistic research on Maltese and languages of the Mediterranean has a long tradition already. The conference is organised by the Institute of Linguistics of the University of Bremen. The conference is scheduled for October 18-20, 2007. The foundation of the Society will take place on October 19, 2007 under the auspices of his excellency, the Ambassador of Malta in Germany. 

As to the programme, there are still free slots on the reserve list and in the poster session. The conference language is English. Fees are 30 Euros (''early booking'' until September 30, 2007) and 50 Euros on campus. 


Arrival    Wednesday 17 October 2007
Departure  Sunday 21 October 2007

Wednesday       from 19:00      warming up [location t.b.a.]

All talks are given on campus
University of Bremen
Building SFG, Rooms 2010 and 2020
[Lunch on 1st and 2nd day in the Cafeteria Café Unique in the same building; on 3rd day, there will be a catering service for us]

1st day  Thursday 18 October 2007

9:30    Official opening ceremony

Section A:      Maltese in the EU

9:45    Talk I  Dónall Ó Riágain (Dublin)
        Into the Big League: the challenges facing Maltese and Irish as official working languages of the European Union

10:30   Talk II Sandro Caruana (Malta)
        Maltese in the EU: a case of linguistic ''Europeanisation''?

11:15   Coffee break

Section B       Maltese - geolinguistically

11:30   Talk III Bernard Comrie (Leipzig)
        Maltese and the World Atlas of Language Structures

12:15   Talk IV  Andreas Ammann (Bremen)
        Maltese structures from a Mediterranean perspective

13:00   Lunch break

14:00   Talk V   Dominique Caubet (Paris)
        Towards a dialectological atlas of Maltese: questions to be raised

Section C       Phonology

14:45   Talk VI  Alexandra Vella (Malta)
        On Maltese prosody

15:30   Coffee break

15:45   Talk VII  Ray Fabri (Malta), Elizabeth Hume (Ohio State) & Alexandra Vella (Malta)
        Vowel length and <gh> in Maltese

Section D       Lexicon and text

16:30   Talk VIII Alexander Borg (Ber Sheeva)
        The Arabic lexicon at the periphery: lexical stratification in Maltese

17:15   Coffee break

17:30   Talk IX  Martin R. Zammit (Malta)
        Maltese and Andalusi Arabic: some lexical notes

18:15   Talk X  Sumikazu Yoda (Osaka)
        Cantilena and al-Jumanah: two Eastern Maghribi dialects of the  
        Medieval ages

19:00   Reading Clare Azzopardi (Malta)
            Reads from her translation of Harry Potter vol. 1 into  Maltese

19:00   Closure 1st day

20:00   Dinner in the Haus am Walde

2nd day Friday 19 October 2007

Section E       Morphology

9:45    Talk XI   Abdou Elimam (Oran)
        Preverbs in Maltese and Maghrebi

10:30   Talk XII  Alina Twist (Tucson)
        On the structure of Maltese loan verbs

11:15   Coffee break

11:30   Talk XIII Christel Stolz (Bremen)
        Loan-word gender in Maltese

12:15   Talk XIV  Ray Fabri (Malta)
        Compounding in Maltese

13:00   Lunch break

14:00   Talk XV   Mauro Tosco (Neapel)
        When a zero is born: on the rise of concatenative morphology in  Maltese

14:45   Talk XVI  Pierluigi Cuzzolin (Bergamo)
        Remarks on the formation of the so-called ''broken plurals'' in  

15:30   Coffee break

Section F       Psycholinguistics

15:45   Talk XVII   Helen Grech (Malta)
        Communication disorders in Maltese children: data from bilingual
        speech and language assessments (Maltese/English)

16:30   Talk XVIII  Adam Ussishkin & Alina Twist (Tucson)
        Lexical access in Maltese using visual and auditory lexical

17:15   Closure 2nd day

17:30   Foundation of L-Ghaqda Internazzjonali tal-Lingwistika Maltija

20:00   Dinner in the Haus am Walde

3rd day Saturday 20 October 2007

Section G       Syntax

9:45    Talk XIX  Martine Vanhove (Villejuif)
        The nominal quantifier <xi> in Maltese: polysemy and semantic

10:30   Talk XX   Thomas Stolz (Bremen)
        Splitting the VP in literary Maltese

11:15   Coffee break

11:30   Talk XXI  Albert Borg (Malta)
        Topicalisation in Maltese

Section H       A plethora of topics

12:15   Talk XXII  Elgar-Paul Magro (Paris)
        What we can learn from spoken Maltese

13:00   Lunch break

14:00   Talk XXIII  Joseph Brincat (Malta)

14:45   Talk XXIV   Antoinette Camilleri-Grima (Malta)

15:30   Coffee break

15:45   Talk XXV   Utz Maas (Osnabrück)
            Complex predicates in Maltese - in the perspective of Neo-

16:30   Talk XXVI   Albert Gatt (Aberdeen)
        The semantics of possession

17:15   Poster session

18:15   Final general discussion

19:00   Closure of 3rd day and conference

20:00   Dinner in the Haus am Walde

A conference website is under construction and will be made available under the domain uni-bremen.de 

For further details please contact 

ghaqda @ uni-bremen.de

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