17.3645, Qs: Minimalist Program & SLA?

Sat Dec 9 23:17:44 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.3645, Qs: Minimalist Program & SLA?

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Date: 08-Dec-2006
From: Micha? B. Paradowski < Michal.Paradowski at uw.edu.pl >
Subject: Minimalist Program & SLA? 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2006 18:16:25
From: Micha? B. Paradowski < Michal.Paradowski at uw.edu.pl >
Subject: Minimalist Program & SLA? 

Good afternoon,

There are quite a few places where the Minimalist Framework is done (in no
particular order; any comments concerning this inventory are most welcome):

Univ. of Maryland, Harvard, MIT, Boston, CUNY, NYU, Stony Brook Univ.,
Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst, Chicago, Univ. of Connecticut at Storrs,
Stanford, Univ. of Washington, UCLA, USC LA, UC Santa Cruz, Berkeley,
Cornell, Arizona, Ohio State

However, to the best of my knowledge the vast majority of generative
linguists deal with applying the theory to describing syntactic phenomena.
My question would be: could you recommend any names who specialize in the
application of the MP to explaining first/second language acquisition
and/or language transfer phenomena, rather than descriptive morphosyntax?

Many thanks in advance for responses!

Best wishes and regards,

Michal B. Paradowski
Institute of English Studies,
University of Warsaw 

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition
                     Linguistic Theories

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