17.3714, Jobs: Linguistics: Doctoral Scholarship, University of Stuttgart

Fri Dec 15 18:32:45 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.3714, Jobs: Linguistics: Doctoral Scholarship, University of Stuttgart

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Date: 14-Dec-2006
From: Eva Schmid < eva.schmid at ling.uni-stuttgart.de >
Subject: Linguistics: Doctoral Scholarship, University of Stuttgart, Germany 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 13:30:27
From: Eva Schmid < eva.schmid at ling.uni-stuttgart.de >
Subject: Linguistics: Doctoral Scholarship, University of Stuttgart, Germany 

University or Organization: University of Stuttgart 
Department: Linguistics Department
Web Address: http://www.ims.uni-stuttgart.de/Graduiertenkolleg/index.html.
Job Rank: Doctoral Scholarship  
Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics 
Required Language(s): English (eng)
                      German, Standard (deu) 


The graduate programme "Linguistic representations and their
interpretation" ("Sprachliche Repräsentationen und ihre Interpretation") at
the University of Stuttgart, which is funded by the Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft, is pleased to announce the following openings:

2 doctoral scholarships (start: April 1, 2007) 

The positions are available for 2 years. Applicants should hold an
above-average Master's degree, as well as be fluent in English and German. 

The graduate programme is a doctoral programme in linguistics and
computational linguistics at the University of Stuttgart. The participating
lecturers are: Artemis Alexiadou, Rainer Bäuerle, Gregorz Dogil, Ulrich
Heid, Klaus von Heusinger, Hans Kamp, Bernd Möbius, Jürgen Pafel, Christian
Rohrer, Hinrich Schütze and Achim Stein. Information about the projects in
the graduate programme can be found at

Applications including CV, copies of examination results, project proposal
(possibly written after discussion with prospective supervisor in the
graduate school) and at least one reference letter should be sent
electronically to the Programme Director: 

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pafel
E-Mail: juergen.pafel at ling.uni-stuttgart.de
Applicants are requested to send their application only in pdf format.
Interviews will take place on January 29, 2007. 

Closing date for applications is January 13, 2007.

Applications from women are especially welcome. Where qualifications,
competence, and specific achievements prove to be of a similar nature,
women will be considered on preferential terms within the framework of the
law. Handicapped candidates with equivalent qualifications will be shown
Application Deadline: 13-Jan-2007 

Contact Information:
	Prof. Jürgen Pafel 
	Email: juergen.pafel at ling.uni-stuttgart.de 
Apply on-line at: http://www.ims.uni-stuttgart.de/Graduiertenkolleg/index.html

LINGUIST List: Vol-17-3714	


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