17.3729, Jobs: Interdisciplinary: Post Doc, University of Rochester

Sat Dec 16 20:07:40 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.3729, Jobs: Interdisciplinary: Post Doc, University of Rochester

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Date: 16-Dec-2006
From: Jeffrey Runner < runner at ling.rochester.edu >
Subject: Interdisciplinary: Post Doc, University of Rochester, NY, USA 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 15:05:41
From: Jeffrey Runner < runner at ling.rochester.edu >
Subject: Interdisciplinary: Post Doc, University of Rochester, NY, USA 

University or Organization: University of Rochester 
Department: Center for Language Sciences
Web Address: http://www.bcs.rochester.edu/cls/index.html
Job Rank: Post Doc  
Specialty Areas: Interdisciplinary


The Center for Language Sciences at the University of Rochester seeks one
or more outstanding postdoctoral fellows for a NIH-funded training grant.
The Center brings together faculty and students with interests in spoken
and signed languages from the Departments of Brain and Cognitive Sciences,
Computer Science, Linguistics, and Philosophy, as well as the
interdepartmental program in Neuroscience. We encourage applicants from any
of these disciplines who have expertise in any area of natural language. 

The training faculty has combined expertise in formal, behavioral,
computational and brain-imaging approaches to understanding the structure,
processing and acquisition of natural language. We are particularly
interested in postdoctoral fellows who want to contribute to an
interdisciplinary community. NIH fellowships are open only to US citizens
or permanent residents. 

Applicants should send a letter via email describing their graduate
training and research interests and a curriculum vitae to
runner at ling.rochester.edu, and arrange to have three letters of reference 
sent to the address below. Review of applications will begin on February 15
and continue until the positions are filled. Appointees must have
successfully defended their dissertation prior to being appointed. We
strongly encourage applications from women and members of under-represented

This year, in addition to the areas mentioned above, we welcome applicants
whose research interests include using experimental techniques such as
eye-tracking to investigate the formal syntactic and semantic properties of
language structure and how they interact with or affect language processing.

Though we will not be conducting interviews at the 2007 LSA meeting, Jeff
Runner will be present and can answer any questions potential applicants
may have.

Address for Applications: 
	Jeffrey Runner 
	Department of Linguistics 
	Lattimore Hall 503 
	University of Rochester Box 270096 
	Rochester, NY 14627-0096 
Application Deadline: 15-Feb-2007 (Open until filled)

Contact Information:
	Jeffrey Runner 
	Email: runner at ling.rochester.edu

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