17.3774, Support: General Linguistics: MA / MSc Student, LINGUIST List

Wed Dec 20 22:14:43 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.3774, Support: General Linguistics: MA / MSc Student, LINGUIST List

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Date: 18-Dec-2006
From: Ann Sawyer < sawyer at linguistlist.org >
Subject: General Linguistics: MA / MSc Student, LINGUIST List, Ypsilanti, MI USA 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 17:09:55
From: Ann Sawyer < sawyer at linguistlist.org >
Subject: General Linguistics: MA / MSc Student, LINGUIST List, Ypsilanti, MI USA 

Institution/Organization: LINGUIST List 
Level: MA / MSc 
Duties: Research,Project Work 
Specialty Areas: General Linguistics 
We are now soliciting applications from qualified graduate students for LINGUIST
List Research Assistantships. Be supported through your M.A. degree while
becoming part of a resource which is a mainstay in the field. Our RAs come into
direct, daily contact with the linguistic community editing announcements for a
variety of linguistics-related topics. LINGUIST List also focuses on web design,
where RAs have the opportunity to learn programs like ColdFusion, Adobe
Photoshop, basic UNIX programming and database design. A third focus of RA work
is the development of internet infrastructure for the discipline, as well as
language technology to support language documentation. Current development
projects include:

- The newly redesigned Linguistic Society of America (LSA) website

- The E-MELD (Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Languages Data) project
which develops tools and standards for the digital archiving of documentation of
endangered languages 

- The LL-MAP project, conducted in partnership with the U. of Stockholm, which
involves the development of an interactive map interface showing the
distribution of language resources and language speakers

- The Multitree project, which will develop a digital library of all language
relationships hypothesized by scholars

- The DATA project, now completed, conducted in partnership with the Alaska
Native Language Archive, which is designed to digitize a large body of material
on the Athabascan language Dena'ina 

For more information on LINGUIST List opportunities, see:


In an effort to maintain the international character of the list, we welcome
applications from students outside the USA. Assistantship holders must have a
good command of written English and be degree-seeking students at LINGUIST's
home, Eastern Michigan University (see below). A LINGUIST fellow receives a full
tuition waiver (for 18 graduate credit hours per year) plus a 9-month stipend of
approximately $8500. International students should submit applications before
the February 1, 2006. US Citizens may submit until March 1, 2006.

Eastern Michigan University:
Eastern Michigan U. offers a B.A. and M.A. in descriptive and theoretical
linguistics, as well as a post-M.A. Certificate in Language Technology. The M.A.
program has particular strengths in formal syntax, documentary linguistics, and
language technology. The M.A. curriculum offers a solid foundation for further
study in linguistics - well over half of Eastern Michigan M.A. candidates go on
to Ph.D. programs in linguistics. EMU is situated in Ypsilanti, MI (about 5
miles from Ann Arbor) in a very active linguistics community. For more
information about the Eastern Michigan University graduate program, contact:

Professor Daniel Seely, Graduate Advisor, Linguistics Program
Dept. of English Language and Literature
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
email: tseely at emich.edu

For more information about LINGUIST List Assistantships, contact:
Helen Aristar-Dry
hdry at linguistlist.org

Anthony Aristar
aristar at linguistlist.org

NB:  LINGUIST List will be hosting office hours at January's LSA meeting in
Anaheim, California.  If you are interested in talking with us about RA work,
please do stop by and see us in the Oceanside Room:

Friday, 5 January from 9:30 -10:30
Saturday from 1-2:00 

Applications are due by: 20-May-2007

LINGUIST List: Vol-17-3774	


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