17.1928, Confs: historical Ling/Seville, Spain

Mon Jul 3 03:23:31 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.1928, Confs: historical Ling/Seville, Spain

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Date: 01-Jul-2006
From: Eduardo Ribeiro < kariri at gmail.com >
Subject: Advances in Native South American Historical Linguistics 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2006 23:21:30
From: Eduardo Ribeiro < kariri at gmail.com >
Subject: Advances in Native South American Historical Linguistics 

Advances in Native South American Historical Linguistics 

Date: 17-Jul-2006 - 18-Jul-2006 
Location: Seville, Spain 
Contact: Eduardo Ribeiro 
Contact Email: kariri at gmail.com 
Meeting URL: http://www.museu.ufg.br/linguistica/52ica/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics 

Meeting Description: 

The Symposium 'Advances in Native South American Historical Linguistics,' which will take place as part of the 52nd International Congress of Americanists (http://www.52ica.com/), will gather experts in the historical study of native South American languages, in order to present new findings, assess the present situation, and outline perspectives of future developments in this field of linguistics.

Fifteen papers will be presented, representing a geographic area spanning from the Amazon to Tierra del Fuego and dealing with topics such as areal linguistics, reconstruction of proto-languages, long-range genetic relationships, dialectology, and the diachronic explanation of synchronic irregularities.

Information on the Symposium's program is now available at http://www.museu.ufg.br/linguistica/52ica/.  The complete program, with abstracts, can also be downloaded as a PDF file: http://www.museu.ufg.br/linguistica/52ica/program.pdf

For additional information, please contact the Symposium coordinators:

J. Pedro Viegas Barros
Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
peviegas2003 at yahoo.com.br

Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro
University of Chicago & Museu Antropológico/UFG (Brazil)
kariri at gmail.com 

Monday, July 17

Session 1: Amazonia, I

08:30    Wolf Dietrich: Aspectos do léxico Karitiána (Arikém, Tupí)

09:00    Ana S. A. C. Cabral: Desarrollos recientes em la reconstrucción  
         del Proto-Tupí: morfología y sintaxis

09:30    Antônio A. S. Mello & Andreas Kneip: Evidências lingüísticas que
         apontam para a origem dos povos Tupí-Guaraní no leste amazônico

10:00    María Emilia Montes Rodríguez: La dialectología del Tikuna y su  
         aporte a los estudios areales y comparativos desde los hechos  

10:30    Aryon D. Rodrigues: Desarrollos recientes en la reconstrucción  
         del Proto-Tupí: fonología y léxico

Session 2: Amazonia, II

11:00    Sidney Facundes & Ana Paula B. Brandão: An overview of Arawak  
         comparative studies

11:30    Sérgio Meira: The ablaut pattern in the Cariban language  
         family: a diachronic hypothesis

12:00    Eduardo R. Ribeiro: A reconstruction of Proto-Jê

12:30    Áurea Santana: Comparações preliminares entre a língua  
         Chiquitano (Brasil/Bolívia) e o Proto-Jê

13:00    Pilar Valenzuela: Reconstruyendo el sistema de marcación de  
         caso Proto-Pano

Tuesday, July 18

Session 3: Andes, Chaco and Patagonia

08:30    Willem Adelaar & Simon van de Kerke: The Puquina and Leko 

09:00    Lyle R. Campbell: Contacto lingüístico y lingüística areal en  
         el sur del Chaco

09:30    Verónica Grondona: El estado actual de reconstrucción
         comparativa en dos familias de lenguas chaqueñas

10:00    Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz, Nathalie Boecker & Katja Hannss:
         Las relaciones internas del Uru-Chipaya: nueva evidencia

10:30    J. Pedro Viegas Barros: Reconstrucción de la morfosintaxis del

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