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Mon Jul 10 18:16:04 UTC 2006

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Date: 09-Jul-2006
From: Ute Römer < ute.roemer at engsem.uni-hannover.de >
Subject: Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 14:13:50
From: Ute Römer < ute.roemer at engsem.uni-hannover.de >
Subject: Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface 

Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface 
Short Title: ELeGI 2006 

Date: 05-Oct-2006 - 07-Oct-2006 
Location: Hanover, Germany 
Contact: Ute Römer 
Contact Email: ute.roemer at engsem.uni-hannover.de 
Meeting URL: http://www.elegi-2006.com 

Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics 

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Meeting Description: 

'Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface' (ELeGI 2006), International
Conference, 5-7 October 2006, University of Hanover, Germany 

Dear All, 

Registration is now open for 
''Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface'' International Conference (ELeGI
2006), 5-7 October 2006, Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany. 
Deadline for 'early bird' registration (reduced fee): 15 July 2006. 

Keynote speakers:
Professor Sylviane GRANGER, University of Louvain, Belgium  
Professor Michael HOEY, University of Liverpool, UK 
Professor Susan HUNSTON, University of Birmingham, UK 
Professor Joybrato MUKHERJEE, University of Giessen, Germany 
Professor Michael STUBBS, University of Trier, Germany 

Conference organisers: Prof. Dr. Rainer Schulze and Dr. Ute Römer
Contact: Dr. Ute Römer, ute.roemer at engsem.uni-hannover.de

A list of accepted papers is enclosed below. Further information about the
conference can be found on the ELeGI 2006 website at

Hoping to see many of you in Hanover in October!
Best wishes... Ute


The following papers have been accepted for presentation at ELeGI 2006:

AGAMEYA, Amira: Structural variation in complementation: The complements of
verbs commonly associated with the subjunctive
BEERS-FÄGERSTEN, Kristy: The lexico-grammatical interface of competing
contractions in English
BERLAGE, Eva: Cognitive complexity at the lexis-grammar interface: The loss
of the verbal coda in topic-restricting as far as constructions
BUSSE, Beatrix: Lexical items in Early Modern English and their semantic,
pragmatic as well as cultural associations
BUSSE, Ulrich & Anne SCHRÖDER: Fowler's Modern English Usage at the
interface of lexis and grammar
CACCHIANI, Silvia: Lexico-functional categories and complex collocations:
The case of intensifiers
DIANI, Giuliana: The behaviour of adverbs in spoken English: The case of
really in the BNC
DUGUID, Alison: Loud signatures
ELLIS, Nick, Rita SIMPSON-VLACH & Carson MAYNARD: The processing of
formulas in native and second-language speakers: Psycholinguistic and
corpus determinants
ELLIS, Nick, Eric FREY & Isaac JALKANEN: Psycholinguistic investigations of
semantic prosody: When good words fall into bad company
ENE, Estela: Using corpora to research advanced second language writing 
FACCHINETTI, Roberta: The expression of futurity in English varieties: The
case of BE GOING TO
FUKAYA, Teruhiko: Remarks on syntactic and lexical aspects of the
coordinators when and though
HARTMAN, Jenny: Construing a bit: Combining corpus linguistics and
Cognitive Grammar 
HERBST, Thomas: Valency between syntax and lexis
HOECHE, Silke: A corpus -based investigation of cognate object constructions
IYEIRI, Yoko: The historical development of the verb doubt
KOLBE, Daniela: The semantic and grammatical overlap of as and that:
Evidence from non-standard English
KRAUSSE, Sylvana: Patterns in domain-specific language: Can every
dictionary entry be a mini-grammar?
LINDQUIST, Hans & Magnus LEVIN: The syntactic properties of recurrent
phrases with body part terms 
MAHLBERG, Michaela: Local textual functions of lexical items in newspaper
story patterns 
MANCA, Elena: Adjectives and phraseology: Describing rooms, surroundings
and food in the language of tourism
MEUNIER, Fanny: From corpus research findings to classroom practice:
Crossing the lexis-grammar bridge
MEYER, Matthias: Reconsidering the evidence for indirect and direct
objects: A reanalysis of some 'ditransitive' and 'complex-transitive verbs'
MÖHLIG-FALKE, Ruth: The Old English impersonal-accusative/dative
construction: On the interaction between lexical and constructional meaning
MONDORF, Britta: 'Outrageous mismatches between syntax and semantics'? New
insights emerging from corpus-based studies of English resultatives
MURPHY, Amanda C. & Pierfranca FORCHINI: Investigating 4-grams headed by
common prepositions in Business English
PACE-SIGGE, Michael: Priming as a marker of dialect in speech communities:
Intensifiers in spoken informal Scouse and in spoken informal UK English 
PARADOWSKI, Michal B.: Lexicalised grammar or grammaticalised lexis? The
language-interface perspective
PISHWA, Hanna: Single rules, lexically constrained patterns, or a system?
RYAN, Lorraine: Cohesion and appraisal analyses of an academic and a poetic
SAILER, Manfred: Modelling the lexis-grammar interface in a
competence-based framework: The case of bound words
SIEPMANN, Dirk: Lexis, sentence building and text grammar: Linguistic and
pedagogic issues
SPINZI, Cinzia & Denise MILIZIA: The 'terroridiom' principle between spoken
and written discourse 
STOITCHKOV, Rossen: Grammaticalised lexis: Bridging the gap between words
and sentences
SZMRECSANYI, Benedikt: Trigger Happy lexis: The case of lexical persistence
TANKÓ, Gyula & Krisztina KÁROLY: Lexico-grammatical correlates of sentences
with special discourse functions in Anglo-American type of argumentative essays
TOGNINI BONELLI, Elena: The role of corpora in linguistic description:
Between lexis and grammar
TSIAMITA, Fanie: Polysemy and Lexical Priming
UHRIG, Peter: To what extent is syntax lexical?

Dr. Ute Römer 
English Department 
University of Hanover 
Königsworther Platz 1 
30167 Hannover 
Phone: +49 (0)511 762 2997 
Fax: +49 (0)511 762 2996 
Please note NEW e-mail address: ute.roemer at engsem.uni-hannover.de 
NEW conference website: ''Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface'' (ELeGI,
5-7 October 2006) http://www.elegi-2006.com

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