17.2068, Confs: Syntax;Japanese Lang/Japan

Sun Jul 16 18:47:10 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.2068, Confs: Syntax;Japanese Lang/Japan

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Date: 14-Jul-2006
From: Masao Ochi < ochi at lang.osaka-u.ac.jp >
Subject: The 4th Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics Conference 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 14:45:31
From: Masao Ochi < ochi at lang.osaka-u.ac.jp >
Subject: The 4th Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics Conference 

The 4th Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics Conference 
Short Title: FAJL4 

Date: 17-Aug-2006 - 19-Aug-2006 
Location: Osaka, Japan 
Contact: Masao Ochi 
Contact Email: fajl4 at lang.osaka-u.ac.jp 
Meeting URL: http://www2005.lang.osaka-u.ac.jp/~fajl4/index.html 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Subject Language(s): Japanese (jpn)

Meeting Description: 

We are pleased to announce that the 4th Formal Approaches to Japanese linguistics Conference (FAJL4) will be held on August 17-19, 2006 in Osaka, Japan. 

Invited Speakers:

Cedric Boeckx (Harvard University)
Junko Ito (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Armin Mester (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Junko Shimoyama (McGill University)

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

 9:30        Registration

10:00        Opening Remarks

Session 1 (Chair: Cedric Boeckx)

Non-Case-Theoretic Aspects of Nominative-Genitive Conversion
Naomi Harada (St. Margaret's Junior College)

Verbal Nouns in Japanese Are So Called for Good Reasons
Seiki Ayano and Masaaki Kamiya (Mie University and Hamilton College)

11:30-13:00  Lunch Break

Session 2 (Chair: Mitsue Motomura)

Counter Equi ''NP''-trace Pronunciation
Hiroki Narita (Sophia University)

Phase to Phase: Complementizer -to as a Bridge
Takashi Munakata (Yokohama National University)

14:20-14:30  Break

Session 3 (Chair: Junko Ito)

The Nature of Japanese Accentuation: Evidence from Nonce Words
Lisa Shiozaki (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Asymmetric Voicing and Relativized Markedness
Kazutaka Kurisu (Kobe College)

15:50-16:00  Break

Special Session I (Chair: Brian Agbayani)

Invited Talk: Bare Syntax
Cedric Boeckx (Harvard University)

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Session 4 (Chair: Hiroshi Aoyagi)

The Structures and the Derivations of Existential Sentences 
with Aru/Iru'Be'
Masahiro Akiyama (Ehime University)

The Syntax of Japanese Aspectual Verbs
Shin Fukuda (University of California at San Diego)

10:50-11:00  Break

Session 5 (Chair: Armin Mester)

Evidence for Prominence-Lending Rise in Focused NP's in Japanese
James Mesbur (University of Pennsylvania)

Psychological Reality of Sub-Lexica in Japanese
Ben Gelbart and Shigeto Kawahara (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

12:20-14:00  Lunch Break

Session 6 (Chair: Masaki Sano)

A-scrambling in Japanese and the EPP
Hideaki Yamashita (Yokohama National University)

Fquant-Matching Before the EPP Satisfaction
Yukiko Ueda (KUIS, CLS/Meiji-Gakuin Univ./Nihon Univ./YNU)

15:20-15:30  Break?

Session 7 (Chair: Hiroshi Mito)

The Perfect Marker -teiru in Japanese
Masaru Kiyota (University of British Columbia)

Differential Comparative Construction in Japanese
Takuro Tanaka (University of Connecticut)

16:50-17:00  Break

Special Session II (Chair: Haruo Kubozono)

Invited Talk: Adjunction in Prosodic Phonology
Junko Ito and Armin Mester (University of California, Santa Cruz)

18:15-       Party 

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Session 8 (Chair: Masatoshi Koizumi)

Scrambling and EPP: From the Viewpoint of Kumamoto Dialect of Japanese 
Sachiko Kato (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Noun Phrase Ellipsis and Syntactic Parameters: A View from Child Japanese
Koji Sugisaki (Mie University)

10:50-11:00  Break

Session 9 (Chair: Junko Shimoyama)

Semantics of Zutsu
Mana Kobuchi-Philip (Utrecht University)

Movement of a Shifty Operator
Yurie Hara (University of Delaware/University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

12:20-14:00  Lunch Break

Session 10 (Chair: Hideki Kishimoto)

The Double Universal Quantifiers as a Negative Polarity Item in Japanese
Masahiko Aihara (University of Connecticut)

Miyagawa's (1989) Exceptions: An Ergative Analysis
Yuko Yanagida (University of Tsukuba)

15:20-15:30  Break

Special Session III (Chair: Kazuko Yatsushiro)

Invited Talk: Degree Quantification and the Size of Noun Modifiers
Junko Shimoyama (McGill University)

16:30        Closing Remarks


The Japanese Internally Headed Relative Clause is NOT an E-type Pronoun
Yusuke Kubota and E. Allyn Smith (The Ohio State University)
A New Type of Nominal Ellipsis in Japanese: Further Evidence 
for the LF Copy Analysis
Yosuke Sato and Jason Ginsburg (University of Arizona, Tucson)

Japanese Passivization Revisited
Tomoko Ishizuka (University of California, Los Angeles)

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