17.2133, Sum: Meaning of 'Bobonkt'

Mon Jul 24 16:14:11 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.2133, Sum: Meaning of 'Bobonkt'

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Date: 14-Jul-2006
From: Carlota Smith < Carlotasmith at mail.utexas.edu >
Subject: Meaning of 'Bobonkt' 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 12:12:57
From: Carlota Smith < Carlotasmith at mail.utexas.edu >
Subject: Meaning of 'Bobonkt' 

Query for this summary posted in LINGUIST Issue: 17.1952                                           

Dear Linguist List Readers:

Thanks, everyone whyo answered my query.  I think that a plausible answer
has finally  turned up, as follows:

bobonkt might also be known as bobonet or bobonknit.  It is the process of
winding yarn onto a bobbin or bobbins for knitting.  They did find
references to bobonet and boboknit in conjunction with sewing and/or
knitting for military uniforms. 

This is via  Gail Martin at the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives in Old
Washington Historic State Park.  She didn't know the meaning of bobonkt,
but she contacted Russell Baker at the Arkansas History Commission who put
a team of crack interns on the project, who came up with the suggestion above.

Also, a similar suggestion was made by Jonathan Wilson :

It could be ''bobonet'', which can be found a few times in the old
newspapers, I believe as a variant or misspelling of
''bobinet''/''bobbinet''/''bobbin-net'', which is/was a type of net, like
tulle or something like lace. 

Linguistic Field(s): Lexicography

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