17.2150, All: Obituary: Breda Pogorelec (1928-2006)

Wed Jul 26 17:39:14 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.2150, All: Obituary: Breda Pogorelec (1928-2006)

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Date: 26-Jul-2006
From: Donald Reindl < donald.reindl at guest.arnes.si >
Subject: Obituary: Breda Pogorelec (1928-2006) 

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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:37:54
From: Donald Reindl < donald.reindl at guest.arnes.si >
Subject: Obituary: Breda Pogorelec (1928-2006) 

Breda Pogorelec (1928-2006), by Slavko Pezdir

Ljubljana - The multifaceted and productive life, research, and teaching
career of Dr. Breda Pogorelec, a university professor, Slovenian
specialist, and linguist, came to a close at the Ljubljana Medical Center
on Thursday, 20 July. She was a prominent researcher and tireless
explicator of the role and significance of the Slovenian language in the
independent Slovenian state.

Pogorelec was born in Ljubljana on 1 January 1928. After graduating from
the classical secondary school, she received a degree in Slovenian language
and literature and in comparative Slavic grammar in 1952. She taught
Slovenian language and literature at the Brezice secondary school until
1955, when she became an assistant instructor at the Department of Slavic
Language and Literatures at the University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts.
Here she advanced her career in research and teaching, attaining the rank
of full professor for the Slovenian literary language and literature in
1985. She was active until her retirement in 1997. From 1956 to 1958 she
did additional study at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, and she
completed her doctorate at the University of Ljubljana with a dissertation
titled "Veznik v slovenscini" (The Conjunction in Slovenian).

Even as an assistant instructor, Pogorelec was instrumental in shaping the
separate study program in literary Slovenian as the core of Slovenian
studies at the Faculty of Arts, and this program remains in place today.
Due to her exceptional sensitivity to sociolinguistic issues and current
social conditions, she was able to combine broad social engagement with
topics of current public interest in Slovenian in order to contribute to
specialized research in syntax, stylistics, text linguistics, and the
historical periodization of Slovenian. Her efforts were reflected her
creation and leadership of the Slavic Society and the Socialist Alliance of
the Working People (SZDL) of Slovenia's project "Slovenian in Public Life",
participation in working groups of the Council for Slovenian, and
chairmanship of the task force for linguistic issues in the National
Assembly of Slovenia.

[Published in "Delo" 22 July 2006, translated by Donald F. Reindl] 

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