17.2201, Sum: The Preterit and the Present Perfect

Mon Jul 31 18:00:30 UTC 2006

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Subject: 17.2201, Sum: The Preterit and the Present Perfect

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Date: 27-Jul-2006
From: Takashi Kumagai < tomiscat at classic.email.ne.jp >
Subject: The Preterit and the Present Perfect 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 13:58:04
From: Takashi Kumagai < tomiscat at classic.email.ne.jp >
Subject: The Preterit and the Present Perfect 

Regarding query : in LINGUIST Issue: Vol-17-1993

 Thank you for all the replies to my query regarding The present perfect as
the preterit and the present perfect with past time adverbials.

The results (preliminary stages):

-These are the sentences classified under adverbials with mean.  (AE =
American English, Total = American English and Others.)
-The replies are 28 in AE and 15 in others including 5 in British English.
 The replies of British English are only 5 which are fewer than I thought.
 At present I include them in others.
-Questionnire constructs 23 questions with 'Good', '?', '??', '?*', '*'.  I
temporarily replace them with numeric.  Good=5, ?=4, ??=3, ?*=2, *=1.

1. She already finished the work.?AE:4.75 ,Total:4.37?
8. Ellen already heard the news. ?AE:4.68 ,Total:4.30?
14. Rainy wrote the memo already, and it is on your desk. ?AE:4.61
21. Nash was already approached by several pro football teams. ?AE:3.89

2. She just left the office. ?AE:4.86 ,Total:4.67?
10. He just read all the reports. ?AE:4.82 ,Total:4.70?
15. The department just mailed out 300,000 notices. ?AE:4.93 ,Total:4.77?
19. I just went to Tokyo Station to see him off. ?AE:4.79 ,Total:4.63?

5. I didn't see much of you recently. ?AE:2.36 ,Total:2.23?
13. She recently joined the staff of the hotel. ?AE:4.86 ,Total:4.74?
17. Salmon populations were severely depleted recently. ?AE:4.71 ,Total:4.49?
23. Oil imports rose recently. ?AE:4.96 ,Total:4.67?

4. We didn't yet receive a clear refusal of our offer. ?AE:3.79 ,Total:3.51?
7. To my knowledge she didn't leave yet. ?AE:3.82 ,Total:3.28?
11. If you didn't send in your payment yet, please do so immediately. ?AE:
18. The data wasn't yet interpreted. ?AE:3.79 ,Total:3.56?

Past time adverbials
3. I have seen John yesterday. ?AE:1.96 ,Total:1.98?
6. Long ago I've given up that idea. ?AE:2.18 ,Total:1.95?
9. He has left a few minutes ago. ?AE:2.18 ,Total:2.14?
12. I have seen him ages ago. ?AE:1.79 ,Total:1.77?
16. That problem has been solved long ago. ?AE:2.89 ,Total:2.81?
20. I have seen Mary last night. ?AE:1.89 ,Total:1.88?
22. I've just now received word that they've arrived safely. ?AE:4.82

 I can make it available upon query in the form of a primitive excel sheet.
 Please tell your e-mail address to: excel at englishcafe.jp

 And I continue these studies and I need more replies, especially British
English to compare it with AE.  I would appreciate it if new repliers could
post to my query.

My query : http://www.englishcafe.jp/survey.html

Thanks again,

Takashi Kumagai.
Hokkaido University of Education, Hakodate campus. 

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

LINGUIST List: Vol-17-2201	


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