18.265, Calls: Media Ling/Bulletin su isse de linguistique appliqu ée (Jrnl)

Thu Jan 25 18:16:03 UTC 2007

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Subject: 18.265, Calls: Media Ling/Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée (Jrnl)

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Date: 24-Jan-2007
From: Daniel Perrin < daniel.perrin at zhwin.ch >
Subject: Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 13:13:42
From: Daniel Perrin < daniel.perrin at zhwin.ch >
Subject: Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée 

Full Title: Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquée 

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 20-Feb-2007 

Call for Papers, Bulletin VALS/ASLA 2008 (1): 

'Media linguistics from a European perspective: Language diversity and
medial globalization in Europe'

The issue 2008 (1) of the Bulletin VALS/ASLA will appear in the summer of
2008. The editors will submit a proposal for a media linguistics symposium
based on the contributions in this issue. The symposium will be part of the
thematic strand 'The potential of linguistic diversity in Europe' at AILA
2008 - the 15th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, 24-29 August 2008,
in Essen, Germany. Deadline for abstracts: 20 February 2007.

Call for papers

English: http://www.vals-asla.ch/cms/fileadmin/ly_valsasla/usermedia/CALL_e.pdf

German: http://www.vals-asla.ch/cms/fileadmin/ly_valsasla/usermedia/CALL_d.pdf

French: http://www.vals-asla.ch/cms/fileadmin/ly_valsasla/usermedia/CALL_f.pdf

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