18.289, Jobs: English & Lang Acq (SLA): Teacher, Gyeonggi English Village

Fri Jan 26 16:06:49 UTC 2007

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Subject: 18.289, Jobs: English & Lang Acq (SLA): Teacher, Gyeonggi English Village

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Date: 26-Jan-2007
From: Cathy Lee < leeyj031 at yahoo.co.kr >
Subject: English, Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition: Teacher, Gyeonggi English Village, South Korea 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 10:45:14
From: Cathy Lee < leeyj031 at yahoo.co.kr >
Subject: English, Applied Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition: Teacher, Gyeonggi English Village, South Korea 

Organization: Gyeonggi English Village 
Department: Planning Team
Web Address: http://english-village.gg.go.kr
Job Rank: Teacher  
Specialty Areas: Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition; (SLA)
Required Language(s): English (eng)

The Gyeonggi English Village is a non-profit organization sponsored by Gyeonggi
government in Korea. In these villages, students will have an opportunity to
experience English and foreign culture with native English speakers. Paju Camp,
located in a clean, quiet environment, and about 15 kilometers from the DMZ was
opened in April 2006.  Paju offers a wide range of immersion programs for
children and adults. Gyeonggi English Village is looking for teachers and
edutainers willing to commit to making the English Village project succeed and
to continuing the
development of our educational programs.

I.  Qualifications 
A.  Regular program & One day program teachers 
- More than a year of English teaching experience to foreign students preferred
- Must have Bachelor's degree or above 
- Good at adapting to a foreign culture 
- Flexible, energetic, professional, dedicated 
- ESL teaching experience and TESOL certificate (teaching related certificates)
B.  Various artistic talents preferred (acting, singing, dancing etc.)
- Edutainers
- Must have Bachelor's degree or above 
- Training in arts, drama, dance (choreography), music (voice, instruments,
etc), and other modes that are geared more towards entertainment
- Experience in "Kids Educational Performances" and in teaching, in music
composition and in lyric writing preferred

II.  Annual Salary 
- 28,800,000 KRW ~ 36,000.000 KRW (about USD24,000.00 ~ USD30,000.00) 
- Payment level will be divided into 7 different levels according to work experience
- Employer will contribute 50% towards health insurance and National Pension
- Round trip air tickets will be offered 
- One month salary will be given as a severance payment after completion of a
one year contract

III.  Holidays 
- 20 days of paid leave
- 5 days of sick leave

IV.  Working hours 
- 40 hours per week (approx. 30 hours of that are contact hours)

V.  Accommodations 
- Housing for each person will be provided (fully furnished single apartment) 

VI.  Job description 
A.  Regular program teachers
- Teaching English in a non-traditional learning environment (camp environment) 
- Student and program evaluation
- Curriculum development
B.  One day programs teachers
- Provide opportunities to put everyday English practice and improve their
language skills
- Teach English in non-traditional learning method, such as dance, song, games
and etc.
- Developing curriculum as required
C.  Edutainers
- Perform both in main stage and street performance
- Prepare and perform "Kids educational performances"
- Willingness to be involved in all aspects of production including set design,
costuming, directing, composing etc
- Dedication and desire to contribute to a program still under development
(script writing, lyric and song writing)

VII.  Contract 
- One year renewable

VIII.  Starting Date 
- February, March 2007 (Paju)

IX.  Documents to be submitted 
- Application form 
- Resume 
- Diploma from University (scanned)
- Recent photo 
- Reference letters or referees who may provide reference letters upon request 
- Information page of your passport (scanned)
- Medical Check up report (submitted after initial interview)
- Evidence of teaching (or other) certification (submitted after initial interview)
- Video clips or  CD of performance and other entertainment works (dance, music
etc.): Edutainers only

Address for Applications: 
	Cathy Lee 
	1779 Beopheung-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju City 
	Gyeonggi Province 
	Paju City 413-780 
	Korea, South 
Application Deadline: 28-Feb-2007

LINGUIST List: Vol-18-289	


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