18.307, Calls: General Linguistics/Romania; Sociolinguistics/UK

Mon Jan 29 18:59:12 UTC 2007

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Subject: 18.307, Calls: General Linguistics/Romania; Sociolinguistics/UK

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Date: 29-Jan-2007
From: Marius Velica < mvelica at ugal.ro, discorps at yahoo.fr >
Subject: Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere 

Date: 29-Jan-2007
From: Sally Johnson < s.a.johnson at leeds.ac.uk >
Subject: Language Ideologies and Media Discourse 

-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 13:46:03
From: Marius Velica < mvelica at ugal.ro, discorps at yahoo.fr >
Subject: Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere 

Full Title: Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere 
Short Title: DISCORPS - CAPS1 

Date: 12-Apr-2007 - 14-Apr-2007
Location: Galati, Galati County, Romania 
Contact Person: Anca Gata
Meeting Email: discorps at yahoo.fr

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 02-Mar-2007 

Meeting Description:

The Conference on Communication and Argumentation in the Public Sphere is
organized by a team of professors and Postdoc researchers and hosted by the
"Dunarea de Jos" University, Galati, Romania, in the framework of the DISCORPS
CEEX Project, Discourse and Communication in the Romanian Public Space. The
theme of this first conference is Public Space versus Private Space. The purpose
of the conference is to provide background for productive discussion and peer
evaluation for Humanities and Social Sciences colleagues who are interested in
presenting their work to an audience and meeting people from related fields. 

Topic Areas:

-	public and private
-	argumentation in institutional contexts
-	communication and argumentation on cultural issues
-	the transnational public sphere
-	values in the public sphere
-	cooperation and conflict in the public sphere
-	the public sphere and argumentative practice
-	persuasion strategies in citizen representation
-	conversational approaches
-	approaches to scientific and specialized discourse
-	political dialogue and polemic
-	public opinion
-	role of the contemporary citizen
-	civic engagement
-	legitimacy
-	media strategies
-	religion in the public sphere
-	the Internet and the public sphere

Papers will be presented in concurrent sessions. Presentations should last 20
minutes, being followed by questions and answers (10 minutes). The sections
under which papers will be presented will be defined in the 2nd circular. 
The conference languages are English, French and Romanian (for the presentations
and the proceedings). 
This first circular will be also transmitted in French and Romanian. The next
circulars will include further details on fee payment, conference programme and
accommodation arrangements. They will be sent by e-mail to registered
participants whose papers have been accepted for presentation.

Scientific Committee:
Corina Andone (Netherlands)
Elspeth Broady (United Kingdom)
Muriel Fendrich (France)
Anca Gâta (Romania)
Alain Milon (France)
Liliana Ruxandoiu (Romania)

Organizing Committee - Coordinator, Anca Gâta
Ion Cordoneanu, Postdoc Researcher
Adela Dragan, Assistant Professor
Diana Popa, Postdoc Researcher
Virginia Veja, Professor
Marius Velica, Postdoc Researcher

Tentative Programme:
(SR = Senate Room)
Thursday - April 12th		
12:30 Registration and Coffee  (SR)
13:00 Introduction by the Organizers (SR)
13:15 Plenary (SR)
14:00 Break (Refreshments)
14:30 Concurrent Sessions
16:00 Break (Coffee)
16:30 Concurrent Sessions
18:00 Break
18:30 Cocktail	09:00 Plenary (SR)
Friday - April 13th 
10:00 Concurrent Sessions
11:30 Break (Coffee)
12:00 Concurrent Sessions
13:30 Break (Refreshments)
14:30 Concurrent Sessions
16:00 Break
17:00 Dinner (weather permitting, boat cruise on the Danube)	
Saturday - April 14th 
09:00 Concurrent Sessions
10:30 Break (Coffee)
11:00 Concurrent Sessions
12:30 Final Discussions and Closing Plenary (SR)

Conference Fee: 40 Euros
The fee covers: conference materials, refreshments, cocktail (1st evening),
dinner (2nd evening) and publication of the proceedings.
Travel and accommodation (15-50 Euros/night/person) - at the charge of the
participants. Arrangements for accommodation to be made with the organizers.

Deadline for registration: March 2nd, 2007
Abstracts shall be sent in an e-mail attachment by filling in the 1st
registration form provided below. 
E-mail address for communication, registration, and abstracts:
discorps at yahoo.fr
Subject of the message: CAPS1

Prof. Anca Gâta
47 Domneasca Street
Main University Building
800008 Galati, Romania

-------------------------Message 2 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 13:46:10
From: Sally Johnson < s.a.johnson at leeds.ac.uk >
Subject: Language Ideologies and Media Discourse 


Full Title: Language Ideologies and Media Discourse 

Date: 03-Sep-2007 - 05-Sep-2007
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom 
Contact Person: Sally Johnson
Meeting Email: s.a.johnson at leeds.ac.uk
Web Site: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/linguistics/conferences/Lang_Media_07.html 

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics 

Call Deadline: 30-Apr-2007 

Meeting Description:

Following on from the first 'Language in the Media' conference in 2005 and the
subsequent formation of an AILA Specialist Research Network, we are pleased to
announce a second conference to be held at the University of Leeds with a focus
on 'language ideologies and media discourse'.

Keynote Speakers:

Richard Bauman (Indiana University)
Jan Blommaert (University of Ghent/Institute of Education, London)
Monica Heller (OISE, Toronto)
Adam Jaworski (University of Cardiff) 

We are interested in receiving abstracts for papers exploring any aspect of the
way in which language issues are represented and/or constructed in media
discourse. At this particular conference, however, we are especially keen to
pursue theoretical and methodological questions arising from the relationship
between language ideologies, on the one hand, and (critical) discourse analysis,
on the other.

Suggested topics for papers include:

-	Standard languages and language standards
-	Literacy policy and literacy practices
-	Language acquisition and language teaching
-	Multilingualism and cross-cultural communication 
-	Language and education
-	Language issues in relation to class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality,
life-cycle, and disability
-	Language and technology
-	Language and globalization
-	Language and communication in professional contexts
-	Political discourse
-	Representations of speech, thought and writing in media discourse.

Please submit abstracts for papers (20 minutes + 5 minutes discussion) by email to:

tommaso.milani at biling.su.se.

no later than 30 April 2007.

Abstracts should include a title, your contact details (name, postal address,
email) and a description of your talk (250 words max).

Notification of acceptance: 31 May 2007.
Deadline for conference registration: 31 July 2007.

Conference organisers:

Sally Johnson
Dept of Linguistics and Phonetics
School of Modern Languages and Cultures
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
Tommaso M. Milani
Centre for Research on Bilingualism
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Participants might like to note that the 40th Annual Meeting of the 'British
Association for Applied Linguistics' (BAAL) will take place at the University of
Edinburgh from Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 September 2007 - see
http://www.baal.org.uk/conf2007/index.htm. (There are fast and direct train
connections from Leeds to Edinburgh.)


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