18.1483, Confs: Semantics/USA

Tue May 15 18:52:33 UTC 2007

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Date: 15-May-2007
From: Tali Ditman < tali.ditman at tufts.edu >
Subject: Building Meaning from Language: Tufts Conference


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 14:50:32
From: Tali Ditman < tali.ditman at tufts.edu >
Subject:  Building Meaning from Language: Tufts Conference 

Building Meaning from Language: Tufts Conference 

Date: 14-Jun-2007 - 16-Jun-2007 
Location: Medford, MA, USA 
Contact: Gina Kuperberg 
Contact Email: psych.conference at tufts.edu 
Meeting URL: http://ase.tufts.edu/psychology/conference/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Semantics 

Meeting Description: 

Building Meaning from Language: a conference sponsored by Tufts University,
Department of Psychology, and the American Psychological Association.

Dates: Thurs, June 14 (evening) - Sat, June 16, 2007
Location: Tufts University, nr. Boston, MA 

Speakers from several fields including Cognitive
Psychology, Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Philosophy, Computational
Modeling, and Cognitive Neuroscience, will discuss fundamental questions of
how we combine words to construct the meaning of sentences, how we combine
sentences together into connected discourse, how we make use of our prior
perceptual experience and knowledge, how we distinguish between what is
functionally relevant and irrelevant in action, how we represent and
generate constructs such as time, space and causation, and how we integrate
language with our non-verbal world.


Daniel C. Dennett
Morton Ann Gernsbacher
Arthur Glenberg
Ray Jackendoff
David Kemmerer
Walter Kintsch
Gina Kuperberg
Ken McRae
James Pustejovsky
Michael Tanenhaus
Matthew Traxler
Rolf Zwaan

To register and learn more about the conference, please go to:

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