18.1623, Confs: Historical Ling, English Lang/Italy

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Subject: 18.1623, Confs: Historical Ling, English Lang/Italy

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Date: 28-May-2007
From: Marina Dossena < marina.dossena at unibg.it >
Subject: 2nd International Conf. on English Historical Dialectology


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 11:25:32
From: Marina Dossena < marina.dossena at unibg.it >
Subject:  2nd International Conf. on English Historical Dialectology 

2nd International Conf. on English Historical Dialectology 
Short Title: 2 ICEHD 

Date: 23-Aug-2007 - 25-Aug-2007 
Location: Bergamo, Italy 
Contact: Marina Dossena 
Contact Email: marina.dossena at unibg.it 
Meeting URL: http://www.unibg.it/2icehd 

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics 

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Meeting Description: 

This is the 2nd International Conference on English Historical Dialectology. The
first one was held in Bergamo in 2003 and selected papers were published in
Dossena, Marina / Lass, Roger (eds) 2004, _Methods and Data in English
Historical Dialectology_. Bern: Peter Lang.

The International Scientific Committee comprises profs. Michael Benskin, Marina
Dossena, Richard Dury, Markku Filppula, Maurizio Gotti, Roger Lass, Margaret
Laing, Anneli Meurman-Solin, Keith Williamson.
Invited Keynote speakers: prof. Sali Tagliamonte (Toronto) and prof. Pieter van
Reenen (Amsterdam).

The conference will start on Thursday morning and end at lunchtime on Saturday.
There will be no parallel sessions: the number of contributions is kept
deliberately low to allow more time for debate. The provisional programme is
available in the Conference website. 

Thu. 23 Aug.

09.30-11.15	Arrivals	
11.15-11.30	Welcoming addresses		
11.30-12.30	Chair: Marina Dossena 
* Sali Tagliamonte, Toronto, Dialects as Diachrony
14.30-16.00	Chair: Raymond Hickey	
* Adrian Pablé, Lausanne / R. Dylewski, Poznán, Between language change and
ideology: Goodman and Goodwife in (post-)colonial New England		
* Juhani Klemola, Tampere, It ain't necessarily so: On the origin of ain't
* Markku Filppula, Joensuu, The dating of some syntactic features of Hiberno-English
16.00-16.30	tea		
16.30-17.30   	Chair: Keith Williamson
* Daniela Cesiri, Lecce, 19th-c Irish 'unexpected'  field-workers emerged in a
historical linguistic study
* Robert McColl Millar, Aberdeen, Relict areas or contact zones? Are Northern
and Insular Scots dialects examples of 'colonial' Scots?
Fri. 24 Aug.

09.00-11.00	Chair: Roger Lass	
- Ans Van Kemenade, Nijmegen, Word order and demonstrative pronouns: the
dialectal spread of OV word orders in ME
- Nynke de Haas, Nijmegen, Exploring the origins of the Northern Subject Rule
 in OE and ME
- Richard Hogg, Manchester, Anglian: united we stand?
- Hermann Moisl, Newcastle, Using electronic corpora in historical dialectology
research: the problem of document length variation
11.00-11.30	coffee	
11.30-12.30 	Chair: Richard Dury
- Pieter van Reenen, The localization of medieval texts of unknown provenance 
by means of quantification and a series of design choices

14.30-16.30 	Chair: Richard Hogg
- M. José Carrillo Linares / Edurne Garrido Anes, Huelva, The contribution of
external sources and technological innovations to the research of ME word geography
- Keith Williamson, Edinburgh, Different dialectal data sources and their
- Julia Fernández Cuesta / N. Rodríguez Ledesma, Seville, The Northern Echo:
 Continuities in Contemporary Northern English
- Derek Britton, Edinburgh, Writing and Speech in Sixteenth-Century
16.30-17.00	tea	
17.00-18.00 	Chair: Margaret Laing	
- Lister Matheson, Belfast, Dialect Contexts for 'The Lambeth Scribe'
- Michael Benskin, Oslo, The origin of ME <as/es/is> HER/THEM

Sat. 25 Aug.

Chair: Maurizio Gotti
09.00-09.30	Raymond Hickey, Essen, The linguistic value of literary documents. A
09.30-10.00 	Susan M. Fitzmaurice, Sheffield, Literariness and plainness,
variety and fixedness: an exercise in historical perceptual dialectology
10.00-11.00  	Roger Lass, Cape Town / Margaret Laing, Edinburgh, Databases,
dictionaries and dialectology. Dental instability in early Middle English -- a
case study
11.00-11.30 	coffee	
11.30-12.30 	business meeting	
12.30-12.45	conference closes

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