19.3695, FYI: Deadline extension: int. MA programmes, Freiburg

Wed Dec 3 14:45:38 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.3695, FYI: Deadline extension: int. MA programmes, Freiburg

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Date: 03-Dec-2008
From: Alice Blumenthal < alice.blumenthal at anglistik.uni-freiburg.de >
Subject: Deadline extension: int. MA programmes, Freiburg


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 09:44:15
From: Alice Blumenthal [alice.blumenthal at anglistik.uni-freiburg.de]
Subject: Deadline extension: int. MA programmes, Freiburg

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Master Programmes in Linguistics at the University of Freiburg (one of the
currently 9 Universities of Excellence in Germany). 

Deadline extension for the international Master programmes "European
Linguistics" (MEL) and "English Language and Linguistics" (MELLING):
applications for the new academic year (beginning in April 2009) can now be
submitted until January 15, 2009. 

For application details and further information on the Master programmes
please visit:

For further information on the wide range of opportunities and the
exceptional infrastructure the University of Freiburg has created for
Master and Ph.D. students in Linguistics (prominently including the Hermann
Paul School for Language Sciences) please visit the following websites: 

Master of Arts in European Linguistics (course director: Professor Bernd

The University of Freiburg Master's degree in European Linguistics is an
innovative and unique two-year programme which has been running most
successfully since 2004. This highly competitive international Master's
programme (on average 80-90 % of the programme participants are
international students) is designed for students interested in an in-depth
study of theoretical and descriptive linguistics.

It creates a solid basis for linguistic analysis and comparison, conveys a
sound understanding of the rich and fascinating linguistic landscape of
Europe, and imparts skills in up to four European languages. A wide variety
of seminars and lectures are offered in the following six modules:

-The European Languages: Structure, Typology and Language Contact
-Standard and Non-Standard Varieties in Europe
-Schools and Traditions of Linguistic Thought in Europe
-Minority Languages in Europe
-Multilingual and Multicultural Communication in Europe
-The Linguistic History of Europe

An additional research module includes an internship abroad, a conference
visit, and classes on research design and presentation skills.

Master of Arts in English Language and Linguistics (course director:
Professor Christian Mair)

The Department of English of Freiburg University is an internationally
prominent centre of research in corpus linguistics, variation studies and
functional-typological linguistics. In addition to this generally
stimulating academic working environment, students profit from an excellent
library, state-of-the-art computational infrastructure and a recently
re-equipped phonetics, audio and video laboratory.

The following three teaching modules are at the centre of this
research-based Master:

-Essentials of Modern English Structure 
-Present-Day English: Regional, Social and Stylistic Variability
-Language Change and the History of English

Depending on their interests, students will specialise in one of the
following areas of concentration:
-Discourse and Communication
-Psycholinguistics: Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
-Corpus Linguistics and Language Technology
-Schools of Thought in English Linguistics

The degrees are designed to qualify students both for work in
language-related professions outside the university and for a further
career in academia, typically in the form of a PhD. 

All applicants will be notified by January 31, 2009 about the results of
the screening process by the selection committees. 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics


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