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Subject: 19.3750, TOC: Journal of Pragmatics 41/1 (2009)

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Date: 05-Dec-2008
From: Christopher Tancock < c.tancock at elsevier.com >
Subject: Journal of Pragmatics Vol 41, No 1 (2009)


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2008 14:22:46
From: Christopher Tancock [c.tancock at elsevier.com]
Subject: Journal of Pragmatics Vol 41, No 1 (2009)

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Publisher:	Elsevier Ltd
Journal Title:  Journal of Pragmatics 
Volume Number:  41 
Issue Number:  1 
Issue Date:  2009 

Subtitle:  Towards an Emancipatory Pragmatics   

Main Text:  

1.  Towards an emancipatory pragmatics
Pages 1-9
William F. Hanks, Sachiko Ide, Yasuhiro Katagiri

2.  Fieldwork on deixis
Pages 10-24
William F. Hanks

3. The Finnish demonstrative pronouns in light of interaction
Pages 25-46
Marja Etelämäki

4. Indexicality in Thai and in Tibetan: Implications for a Buddhism grounded
Pages 47-59
Krisadawan Hongladarom

5. Relationship thinking and human pragmatics
Pages 60-78
N.J. Enfield

6. Indexically anchored onto the deictic center of discourse: Grammar,
sociocultural interaction, and 'emancipatory pragmatics'
Pages 79-92
Wataru Koyama

7. Speech acts, moves, and meta-communication in negotiation: three cases of
everyday conversation observed among the Gui former-foragers
Pages 93-135
Kazuyoshi Sugawara

8. The effects of the social status of the elderly in Libya on the way they
institutionally interact and communicate with younger physicians
Pages 136-146
Li Wei, Mayouf Ali Mayouf

9. Toward a critical dialogue across languages and cultures: On native and
Western linguistics in modern Japan
Pages 147-156
Akiho Yamaguchi, Wataru Koyama

Regular Papers

10. Another view of the Gooniyandi "counterfactual" and its implications to the
Van linden-Verstraete typology
Pages 157-162
William B. McGregor

11. Conditional sentences and mood in Spanish
Pages 163-172
Errapel Mejías-Bikandi

Book Reviews

12. Voices of Modernity: Language Ideologies and the Politics of Inequality
(Studies in the Social and Cultural Foundations of Language, No. 21): Richard
Bauman and Charles L. Briggs, 2003. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
ISBN-13: 9780521008976; ISBN-10: 0521008972. 374 pages, price $ 39,99
Pages 173-179
M. Leezenberg

13. Negotiation of Contingent Talk: The Japanese Interactional Particles ne and
sa: Emi Morita, John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2005, XII + 240 pp.
Pages 180-182
Scott Saft

14. Selves and identities in narrative and discourse: Michael Bamberg, Anna de
Fina, Deborah Schiffrin (Eds.), John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2007,
x+355 pages
Pages 183-185
Charikleia Kapellidi

15. Dialog Theory for Critical Argumentation: Walton, Douglas N., John
Benjamins, Amsterdam, 2007, p. 307
Pages 186-188
Bart Garssen

16. John Searle's Philosophy of Language: Force, Meaning, and Mind: Savas L.
Tsohatzidis (Ed.), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2007, x + 297 pp., £17.99
Pages 189-192
Michael O'Rourke

17. Creativity and Convention: The Pragmatics of Everyday Figurative Speech:
Rosa E. Vega Moreno, John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2007, 249 pp
Pages 193-196
Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez 

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