19.3778, Jobs: Syntax-Semantics Inte rface: Post Doc, University of Troms ø

Wed Dec 10 16:11:13 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.3778, Jobs: Syntax-Semantics Interface: Post Doc, University of Tromsø

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Date: 10-Dec-2008
From: Tore Bentz < tore.borseth.bentz at hum.uit.no >
Subject: Syntax-Semantics Interface: Post Doc, University of Tromsø, Norway


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 11:09:53
From: Tore Bentz [tore.borseth.bentz at hum.uit.no]
Subject: Syntax-Semantics Interface: Post Doc, University of Tromsø, Norway

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University or Organization: University of Tromsø 
Department: Faculty of Humanities, CASTL
Job Location: Tromsø, Norway 
Web Address: http://uit.no/castl

Job Rank: Post Doc  

Specialty Areas: Semantics; Syntax; Syntax-Semantics interface


CASTL at the Faculty of Humanities at The University of Tromsø, seeks
applications for a position as post doctoral research fellow in linguistics.

The position of post doctoral research fellow is for a fixed term of three

For further information, please contact:
Professor and Center Director Curt Rice (see contact information below) or
Head of Administration Christin Kristoffersen, phone number (+ 47) 776
46399, e-mail: christin.kristoffersen at hum.uit.no

A doctoral degree is a prerequisite for appointment in the position of post
doctoral research fellow: A Norwegian doctoral degree within linguistics or
an equivalent foreign doctoral degree recognized as equivalent to a
Norwegian doctoral degree. 

The remuneration for the position of post doctoral research fellow is in
accordance with the State wage scale code 1352. A compulsory contribution
of 2% will be made to the State Pension Fund.

The main objective of appointments to positions of post doctoral research
fellows is to qualify the appointee for employment in scientific top
positions. Applications must be accompanied by a proposal for the
qualifying work and shall include a work schedule. Appointments are made on
the understanding that the appointee shall complete his/her project within
the contract term.

A plan shall after employment be drawn up showing how the project that
forms the basis for the appointment in the position of post doctoral
research fellow shall be implemented. The plan shall form part of (an
appendix to) the employment contract for the fixed term and shall cover the
project description and work schedule.

The plan shall also state who is responsible for providing academic
supervision. The person responsible for providing academic supervision and
the employee both have a duty to report to the employer in case of
inadequate implementation of the plan.

Faculty of Humanities has about 120 positions; of these 20 are technical or
administrative positions. The faculty deals with research and teaching in
Comparative Literature, General Linguistics, Documentation Science with
Library Science, English, Finnish, French, Greek and Latin studies, Art
History, Nordic, Russian, Sámi and German. The Faculty consists of two
institutes, Department of Culture and Literature and the Department of
Linguistics and A Norwegian Center of Excellence (CASTL).

The Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics, CASTL, is funded
by The Norwegian Research Council and the University of Tromsø. The
scientific group at the center currently consists of 6 senior researchers,
4 postdoctoral research fellows, and 15 PhD students. Several other
researchers and Ph.D. students with other sources of funding are also
associated with the center, such that it consists today of about 40
researchers and Ph.D. students.

Our primary research activity is within generative grammar, especially
syntax and phonology. The ideal applicant should be working generally in
the area of the syntax-semantics interface, with expertise in both modern
generative syntactic theory and formal semantics. Preference will be given
to applicants whose research interacts closely with those of CASTL senior
researchers, including but not confined to topics such as tense, aspect,
modality, argument structure, nominal reference, scalar structure, the
representation of space, and the representation of events. 

See the full text at:

Application Deadline: 16-Jan-2009 
Mailing Address for Applications:
	Chief executive officer Tore Bentz 
	Faculty of Humanities 
	University of Tromsø 
	N-9037 Tromsø 
	Tromsø 9037 
Web Address for Applications: http://secure.jobbnorge.no/visstilling2.aspx?stillid=53162 
Contact Information:
	Center Director Curt Rice 
	Email: curt.rice at hum.uit.no 
	Phone: 004777644261 

LINGUIST List: Vol-19-3778	


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