19.3876, All: Obituary: Isidore Dyen

Wed Dec 17 16:02:54 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.3876, All: Obituary: Isidore Dyen

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Date: 16-Dec-2008
From: Stephen Anderson < sra at yale.edu >
Subject: Obituary: Isidore Dyen


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 11:01:04
From: Stephen Anderson [sra at yale.edu]
Subject: Obituary: Isidore Dyen

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Isidore Dyen, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at Yale, died on Sunday, 14
December at the age of 95. Professor Dyen joined the Yale faculty in 1942
as Instructor in Malay, and was subsequently Assistant, Associate, and full
Professor in the University until his retirement in 1984. He was a major
figure in the comparative and historical linguistics of the Austronesian
languages, and will be remembered for his many important contributions to
this and allied fields.

A fuller memorial notice will follow at a later date.

Stephen R. Anderson
Dorothy R. Diebold Professor of Linguistics (Chair);
Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science
Yale University 

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