19.3936, Confs: Phonology, Germanic, Romance/Germany

Sun Dec 21 19:44:21 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.3936, Confs: Phonology, Germanic, Romance/Germany

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Date: 19-Dec-2008
From: Ingo Feldhausen < ingo.feldhausen at uni-hamburg.de >
Subject: Workshop on Intonational Phrasing


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 14:41:43
From: Ingo Feldhausen [ingo.feldhausen at uni-hamburg.de]
Subject: Workshop on Intonational Phrasing

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Workshop on Intonational Phrasing 

Date: 23-Jan-2009 - 24-Jan-2009 
Location: Hamburg, Germany 
Contact: Conxita Lleó 
Contact Email: lleo at uni-hamburg.de 
Meeting URL: http://www.uni-hamburg.de/sfb538/workshopphrasing.html 

Linguistic Field(s): Phonology 

Language Family(ies): Germanic; Romance 
Meeting Description: 

International Workshop on Intonational Phrasing in Romance and in Germanic 

The interest in describing intonation has steadily grown during the last
decades. It has resulted in the development of important methodological tools
within the  so-called Autosegmental-Metrical Model of intonational phonology,
which constitutes the theoretical basis of the workshop.

Intonation is an area where Phonology and Syntax intersect. The goal is to
precisely scrutinize this intersection or interface. With that purpose, the
topic of the workshop will be phrasing. It is envisaged that the workshop covers
phrasing from two angles. On the one hand, we intend to discuss the various cues
for phrasing (such as pauses, resetting, the realization of pitch accents at
phrase edges, and F0 in general; lengthening and shortening, increase or
decrease of intensity etc.), and to state their role in the interpretation of
phrasing. Based on a comparison between Romance and Germanic languages, our
intention is to discuss whether these cues have different weight depending on
the language or the language group. 

On the other hand, the aim is to reflect on the interaction between intonational
and syntactic phrasing. There is a certain correspondence and there are clear
mismatches (e.g. certain eurhythmic effects override syntactic cues). We want to
elucidate the determining factors and the constraints of this interaction.
Although the objective is to analyze different types of data, we would like to
encourage facing the challenge posed by the analysis of spontaneous data, as the
focus in the last decades has been to study data based on reading.

Program: International Workshop on Intonational Phrasing in Romance and in Germanic

Friday, January 23rd

Peter Siemund 

Klaus Kohler 
Meaning and Rhythm Coding Through Prosodic Phrasing in Germanic Languages and in

E3: Martin Rakow & Conxita Lleó
Comparing Phrasing and its Cues in German and Spanish Child Bilingual Acquisition

Coffee Break

Nicole Dehé 
The Intonational Phrasing of Parentheticals in Spoken English

Aria Adli 
Violation Cumulativity in Grammar: Contrastive Focus in Catalan and Spanish


Pilar Prieto 
Prosodic Effects on Phrasing: Clash Avoidance in Catalan and English

16.00-16.30 H6: 
Ariadna Benet, Conxita Lleó & Susana Cortés
Phrase Boundary Distribution in Catalan: Applying the Prosodic Hierarchy to
Spontaneous Speech

Coffee Break

H9: Ingo Feldhausen, Christoph Gabriel & Andrea Pe?ková
Prosodic Phrasing in Porteño Spanish

Laura Colantoni & Yadira Alvarez
New Information and Phrasing in Argentine Spanish Narratives


Saturday, January 24th

Mariapaola D'Imperio 
Phrasing, Register Level Downstep and Partial Topic Constructions in Neapolitan

Brechtje Post 
The Multi-Facetted Relation between Phrasing And Intonation in French

Coffee Break

Caroline Féry 
Prosodic Phrasing and Pitch Accents in Semi-Spontaneous Speech: A Comparison
between German and French

Ch. Gabriel / C. Lleó Conclusions

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