19.2157, Calls: Language Documentation/USA; General Linguistics/UK

Sun Jul 6 20:17:02 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.2157, Calls: Language Documentation/USA; General Linguistics/UK

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Date: 04-Jul-2008
From: Andrea Berez < aberez at umail.ucsb.edu >
Subject: Colloquium on Geography and GIS in Lang. Documentation 

Date: 03-Jul-2008
From: Lise Fontaine < FontaineL at cf.ac.uk >
Subject: European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 16:12:03
From: Andrea Berez [aberez at umail.ucsb.edu]
Subject: Colloquium on Geography and GIS in Lang. Documentation
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Full Title: Colloquium on Geography and GIS in Lang. Documentation 

Date: 12-Mar-2009 - 14-Mar-2009
Location: Honolulu, HI, USA 
Contact Person: Andrea Berez
Meeting Email: aberez at umail.ucsb.edu

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation 

Call Deadline: 01-Sep-2008 

Meeting Description:

Call for Papers for a themed session on all aspects of geography and geographic
information systems (GIS) in Language Documentation, to be submitted as part of
the 1st International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation at
the University of Hawai'i, March 12-14 2009. 

Call for Papers

We are welcoming abstracts for a themed session on geography and the use of
geographic information systems (GIS) in language documentation and conservation.
Topics may include:

- the role of geographic knowledge in language maintenance programs
- the use of GIS technology in linguistic fieldwork
- the digitization and/or dissemination of legacy place-based linguistic data
- any other topic on the relationship between language documentation,
conservation, geography and/or GIS.

Presentation format:
Papers will be allowed 20 minutes with 10 minutes of question time. 

Abstract submission:
Abstracts must be first submitted directly to the session organizer, Andrea
Berez, at aberez at umail.ucsb.edu by September 1, 2008. Once the session has been
organized, accepted abstracts will be submitted to the main conference website.
Please note that the deadline for abstracts for this themed session is earlier
than the deadline for the main conference.

Maximum abstract length is 400 words. Please send your abstract as a pdf
attachment to aberez at umail.ucsb.edu . 

More information about the 1st International Conference on Language
Documentation and Conservation can be found at the conference website, at
http://nflrc.hawaii.edu/ICLDC09 .

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Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 16:12:08
From: Lise Fontaine [FontaineL at cf.ac.uk]
Subject: European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference
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Full Title: European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference 
Short Title: ESFLCW 

Date: 08-Jul-2009 - 10-Jul-2009
Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom 
Contact Person: Lise Fontaine
Meeting Email: eisfw at cf.ac.uk
Web Site: http://www.cf.ac.uk/encap/esflcw/ 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 01-Feb-2009 

Meeting Description:

A conference and workshop for linguists interested in Systemic Functional
Linguistics and related fields. 

Call for Papers

Theme: 'Choice' 

''The grammar is based on the notion of choice'' (Halliday, 1969)  

Choice could be considered the most important core concept in Systemic
Functional Linguistics. It is perhaps the most controversial or challenging.
What do we mean by choice? Although choice is a central notion in Systemic
Functional Linguistics, it is rarely the explicit topic of research.  The goal
of ESFLCW09 is to consider the role of 'choice' as a core concept in theoretical
and applied work. 

We strongly encourage paper submissions to ESFLCW09 to address the theme of
'choice' in one of the following ways. Its role in:
- Systemic Functional Linguistic theory.
- Human language production and/or understanding.
- Computational language generation and/or parsing.
- Code-switching and multilingualism - one system or many?
- The practical analysis of the clause, text, and/or discourse.

We would also like to encourage submissions which link SFL with related
linguistic theories where choice also plays an important role (for example,
other functional approaches, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, etc.).  

Papers focussing on other core concepts in SFL will also be accepted.  Research
on languages other than English is strongly encouraged. We also welcome
submissions representing work in progress.

Presentations may be organised according to the following strands:
- lexicogrammar 
- phonology and intonation  
- computational models
- language disorders
- corpus linguistics
- formulaic or mulitword expressions
- language production and understanding
- choice for the analyst
- code switching and multilingualism
- language acquisition
- language evolution
- historical linguistics
- other (please specify) 

Plenary Speakers: 
- Chris Butler, Swansea University
- Geoff Thompson, University of Liverpool
- Elke Teich, Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt 


Papers: We invite submission of abstracts of papers for presentation at the
conference. Papers directly relevant to the conference theme will be preferred
but we will consider other topics within Systemic-Functional Linguistics.
Presentations will be 20 minutes long plus 10 minutes for questions. 

Workshops: We will be able to hold a small number of 1.5 hour workshops.
Workshops will need to be directly relevant to the theme. Please send a
description of the workshop.

For each submission, please provide:
- For each author: name, title, affiliation.
- Title of paper.
- Abstract (not more than 300 words).
- The strand or strands appropriate for your submission (if 'other', please specify)
- State whether the submission is for a paper or workshop presentation.

Please send abstracts by email to: eisfw at cf.ac.uk

Closing Date: 1st February 2009

For more information:  www.cf.ac.uk/encap/esflcw/


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