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Date: 03-Jun-2008
From: Bert Cornillie < bert.cornillie at arts.kuleuven.be >
Subject: New Reflections on Grammaticalization 4


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Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 15:06:18
From: Bert Cornillie [bert.cornillie at arts.kuleuven.be]
Subject:  New Reflections on Grammaticalization 4
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New Reflections on Grammaticalization 4 
Short Title: NRG4 

Date: 16-Jul-2008 - 19-Jul-2008 
Location: Leuven, Belgium 
Contact: Bert Cornillie 
Contact Email: bert.cornillie at arts.kuleuven.be 
Meeting URL: http://wwwling.arts.kuleuven.be/nrg4 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Meeting Description: 

Over the last years, three conferences (Potsdam 1999, Amsterdam 2002, Santiago
de Compostela 2005) presented reflections on grammaticalization, adducing new
evidence - and sometimes counterevidence - for the concept of
grammaticalization. The fourth NRG conference at the University of Leuven
intends to bring together innovating papers that explore the boundaries of the
current grammaticalization research. 

Plenary speakers:

Laurel Brinton (University of British Columbia)
''The Fate of Obsolete Grammatical Formations: (De)grammaticalization,
Lexicalization, or Word Formation?''

Holger Diessel (University of Jena)
''Rethinking the Grammar-Lexicon Continuum''

John W. Du Bois (University of California at Santa Barbara)
''Cognitive Containment and the Emergence of Complexity: Grammaticizing the
Ditransitive Construction''

Regine Eckardt (University of Goettingen)
''From Pragmatics to Grammar: NPI Clines'' 

Muriel Norde (University of Groningen)
''Classifying Degrammaticalization'' 

Graeme Trousdale (University of Edinburgh)
''Grammaticalization, Constructions and the Grammaticalization of Constructions'' 

Richard Waltereit (University of Newcastle)
''On the Origins of Grammaticalization in Discourse'' 

General session:
More than a hundred papers - 


Workshop 16 July 2008: 
Grammaticalization and Linguistic Reconstruction: Detecting Grammaticalization
in Undocumented Prehistory of Languages 
(Convenors: Eugen Hill and Dagmar Wodtko)

Workshop 17 July 2008: 
Grammaticalization, Pragmaticalization and/or (inter)Subjectification:
Methodological Issues for the Study of Discourse Markers 
(Convenors: Liesbeth Degand and Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen)
Workshop 18 July 2008: 
Gradience, Gradualness and Emergence in Grammaticalization 
(Convenors: Elizabeth Traugott and Graeme Trousdale)

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