19.1825, FYI: Second Call - Spanish and Portuguese L2 Phonology

Sun Jun 8 01:19:51 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.1825, FYI: Second Call - Spanish and Portuguese L2 Phonology

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Date: 06-Jun-2008
From: Timothy Face < facex002 at umn.edu >
Subject: Second Call - Spanish and Portuguese L2 Phonology


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Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2008 21:18:28
From: Timothy Face [facex002 at umn.edu]
Subject: Second Call - Spanish and Portuguese L2 Phonology
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Current Approaches to Spanish and Portuguese Second Language Phonology

Edited by Timothy L. Face and Kimberly L. Geeslin

The sound system is often the most salient feature of second language
speech, especially to the non-specialist, yet it receives little attention
when compared to other areas of investigation within studies of second
language acquisition.  While studies of the acquisition of the sound
systems of Spanish and Portuguese by second language learners date back as
far as the beginnings of the field of modern linguistics, and while studies
within this area of linguistic inquiry have continued ever since and appear
to be growing in numbers, there has never been a publication to unify this
body of research.  

This volume aims to bring together the research of those whose fundamental
background may be in phonology, second language acquisition or both in one
place so that the areas of expertise, methodologies, and theories of
language of each group can inform each other. The volume will also include
an introductory chapter that highlights the key accomplishments to date in
these fields and outlines the directions that future research might take,
an author and keyword index, and a conclusion that ties together the
various research papers included in the volume. This publication is an
exciting opportunity for scholars working on Spanish and Portuguese second
language phonology to come together and share their work in a forum
designed to highlight the latest, cutting-edge approaches.

Submission Information:

Please submit original research papers to be considered for inclusion in
the volume as Word or PDF files to L2spanphon at gmail.com.  For initial
submissions, any reader-friendly format is acceptable.  Please keep the
paper anonymous, with identifying information and contact information
included in the body of the e-mail.

Submission deadline:  August 1, 2008

All submissions will be peer reviewed.  We have contacted several
publishers and have multiple international publishers interested in this
project.  Once a tentative table of contents is established based on peer
review of the initial submissions, a concrete proposal can be submitted to
publishers.  Subsequent to the initial round of peer review solicited by
the editors, the publisher may choose to solicit additional reviews and
will have the final say on whether each paper will be included in the volume. 

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition


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