19.1891, Confs: Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Psycholing, Socioling/Poland

Sat Jun 14 23:45:35 UTC 2008

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Date: 14-Jun-2008
From: Maciej Karpinski < maciej.karpinski at amu.edu.pl >
Subject: Gesture and Speech in Interaction


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 19:34:39
From: Maciej Karpinski [maciej.karpinski at amu.edu.pl]
Subject: Gesture and Speech in Interaction
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Gesture and Speech in Interaction 
Short Title: GESPIN 2009 

Date: 24-Sep-2009 - 26-Sep-2009 
Location: Poznan, Poland 
Contact: Maciej Karpinski 
Contact Email: gespin2009 at gmail.com 
Meeting URL: http://www.ifa.amu.edu.pl/~gespin 

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis; Phonetics; Pragmatics;
Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics 

Meeting Description: 

GESPIN 2009: Gesture and Speech in Interaction
Poznan, Poland
September 24-26th, 2009 

Gesture and Speech in Interaction
Poznan, September, 24th - 26th.
gespin2009 at gmail.com

We have the pleasure to announce that the Centre for Speech and
Language Processing at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
is organising an international conference on speech and gesture in
interaction. The event will be organised in collaboration with:
School of English, AMU
Institute of Linguistics, AMU
Institute of Polish Philology, AMU
We are deeply convinced that interdisciplinary perspectives allow for
the most efficient understanding of the complexity of multimodal
communication. Therefore, we would like to invite linguists,
psychologists, phoneticians, speech technologists and language
engineers as well as researchers from all other fields who share the
interest in speech and gesture-based communication to participate in
the GESPIN conference. We hope for a fruitful meeting and inspiring

We are planning to release the first official call for papers in
September 2008. For the time being, we suggest the following list of
conference themes and topics:

Timing relationships between gesture and prosody, prosodic aspects of
gesture, integration of prosody and gesture;
Relationships between: gesture and prosody, prosody and speech, speech
and gesture; language (morphosyntax, semantics) and gesture;
Semantic aspects of gestures;
Speech and gesture: grammars and lexicons;
Tools for an integrative analysis of speech and gesture corpora;
Systems for gesture and speech annotation;
Modeling gesture and speech;
Formal models of gesture.
Automatic gesture recognition.
Visual speech synthesis;
Word, utterance and gesture structure.

We will invite submissions of papers and posters as well as accept
tutorial and special session proposals. The proceedings will include a
selection of accepted papers and will be published in print and/or on
a CD.

Planned dates:
First call for papers: September 2008
Call for special sessions and tutorials: January 2009
Deadline for special sessions and tutorials: April 2009 (tentative)
Deadline for full papers: May 31st, 2009 (tentative)
Acceptance/rejection: June 30th, 2009 (tentative)
Early registration: July 15th, 2009 (tentative)
Conference: September 24th - 26th, 2009

Invited speakers: to be announced

Venue: Poznan (Poland) (http://www.poznan.pl)

Scientific Committee:
Katarzyna Dziubalska-Ko?aczyk - Chair of the Committee (School of
English, the Head of The Centre for Speech and Language Processing,
Jolanta Antas (Faculty of Polish Philology, Jagiellonian University)
Harry Bunt (Department of Communication and Information Sciences,
Tilburg University)
Nick Campbell (ATR, Japan)
Ronald Cole (Boulder Language Technologies)
Gra?yna Demenko (Institute of Linguistics, AMU)
Waldemar Domachowski (Institute of Psychology, AMU)
Susan Duncan (McNeill Laboratories)
Anna Esposito (International Institute of Advanced Scientific Studies,
Vietri sul Mare)
Dafydd Gibbon (Faculty of Languages and Literature, University of Bielefeld)
Katharina Rohlfing (Faculty of Technology, University of Bielefeld)

Organising Committee:
Maciej Karpi?ski (Institute of Linguistics, AMU) - Chair of the Committee
Ewa Jarmo?owicz-Nowikow (Institute of Linguistics, AMU)
Konrad Juszczyk (Institute of Linguistics, AMU)
Zofia Malisz (School of English, AMU)
Dawid Pietrala (School of English, AMU)
Micha? Szczyszek (Institute of Polish Philology, AMU)

gespin2009 at gmail.com

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