19.1937, FYI: Benjamins Title Now in Paperback: Deignan

Wed Jun 18 21:10:32 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.1937, FYI: Benjamins Title Now in Paperback: Deignan

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Date: 18-Jun-2008
From: Paul P < paul at benjamins.com >
Subject: Benjamins Title Now in Paperback: Deignan


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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:09:36
From: Paul P [paul at benjamins.com]
Subject: Benjamins Title Now in Paperback: Deignan
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This title is now available in a paperbound edition.

Metaphor and Corpus Linguistics
Alice Deignan
University of Leeds

Converging Evidence in Language and Communication Research 6 

2005. x, 236 pp.

Hardbound 978 90 272 3892 4 / EUR 110.00
978 1 58811 647 5 / USD 165.00
Paperback 978 90 272 3898 6 / EUR 33.00 / USD 49.95

Metaphor is a topical issue across a number of disciplines, wherever
researchers are concerned with how speakers and writers package and process
messages. This book is addressed at readers from diverse academic
backgrounds who are interested in ways of researching metaphor from
different perspectives, and especially through corpus linguistics. A number
of approaches to and exploitations of metaphor, including conceptual
metaphor theory and cognitive approaches more generally, text and spoken
discourse analysis, and CDA, are discussed, explored and critiqued using
corpus data. The book also includes corpus linguistic studies of different
aspects of metaphor, which investigate its linguistic and semantic
properties and relate them to current theoretical views. The book
demonstrates the need for naturally-occurring language data to be used in
the development of metaphor theory, and shows the value of corpus data and
techniques in this work. 


Table of contents

Acknowledgements  ix  
Introduction  1-9  
Part I.: Current models of metaphor and metonymy   
1. Conceptual Metaphor Theory and language  13-32  
2. Defining metaphor  33-52  
3. Metaphor and metonymy  53-71  
Part II: Current research into metaphor   
4. Corpus research into metaphor  75-102  
5. Cognitive and psycholinguistic approaches to metaphor research  103-122  
6. Discourse approaches to metaphor research  123-142  
Part III. The examination of corpus data   
7. The grammar of metaphor  145-167  
8. Semantic relations in source and target domains  169-192  
9. Metaphor and collocation  193-213  
10. Conclusion  215-224  
References  225-231  
Index  233-235  

"The book proves to be an interesting contribution to the existing
literature on metaphor, as well as a guidance for future research." 
Enrico Monti, University of Bologna, Italy, in ICLA-review, February 2008 

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
                     Text/Corpus Linguistics


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