19.2002, Calls: General Ling/USA; Socioling,Historical Ling,Syntax/Belgium

Mon Jun 23 19:51:37 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.2002, Calls: General Ling/USA; Socioling,Historical Ling,Syntax/Belgium

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Date: 23-Jun-2008
From: Rita Pasqui < PasquiR at newschool.edu >
Subject: Northeast Modern Language Association 

Date: 23-Jun-2008
From: Gunther De Vogelaer < gunther.devogelaer at ugent.be >
Subject: Perspectives on Gender in Dutch


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 15:47:24
From: Rita Pasqui [PasquiR at newschool.edu]
Subject: Northeast Modern Language Association
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Full Title: Northeast Modern Language Association 
Short Title: NeMLA 

Date: 26-Feb-2009 - 01-Mar-2009
Location: Boston, MA, USA 
Contact Person: Dr. Elizabeth Abele, Executive Director NeMLA
Meeting Email: Northeast.MLA at gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.nemla.org 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 15-Sep-2008 

Meeting Description:

The complete Call for Papers for the NeMLA 2009 Convention
'Celebrating 40 Years: 1969-2009'
is posted here: www.nemla.org  
Panel Areas: American; British/Anglophone; Canadian; Caribbean; Comparative
Literature; Composition; Film; French and Francophone; Gay/Lesbian; German;
Italian; Pedagogy; Popular Culture; Professional; Spanish/Portuguese; Theory;
Women's Studies; World Literatures 

Call for Papers for a NeMLA 2009 Convention panel entitled:
''The Role of Music in Foreign Language Instruction.''

See also http://www.nemla.org/convention/cfp08.html#ped 

Topics for consideration include: 
new experimental studies about the impact of music on language learning; 
music and technology in and outside the FL classroom; 
specific projects integrating music/songs in basic language courses or in
advanced content courses (examples in any modern language)
Any questions, comments, etc. are welcome and may be addressed directly to Rita
Pasqui at: PasquiR at newschool.edu  

Send 1-page proposal by deadline (Sept. 15, 2008) to PasquiR at newschool.edu

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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 15:47:34
From: Gunther De Vogelaer [gunther.devogelaer at ugent.be]
Subject: Perspectives on Gender in Dutch
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Full Title: Perspectives on Gender in Dutch 

Date: 21-Nov-2008 - 21-Nov-2008
Location: Ghent, Belgium 
Contact Person: Gunther De Vogelaer
Meeting Email: gunther.devogelaer at ugent.be
Web Site: http://users.ugent.be/~gdvogela/T&T-call_Eng 

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics; Morphology; Sociolinguistics; Syntax 

Subject Language(s): Dutch (nld)

Call Deadline: 30-Jun-2008 

Meeting Description:

Grammatical gender in Dutch has been a topic of continuous research for
decades. The present workshop 'Perspectives on gender in Dutch' aims at
taking stock of the recent developments on the topic. The workshop takes
place on November 21, 2008, in Ghent (Belgium). 

Final Call for Papers

Dutch grammatical gender displays a massive amount of variation, including 1.
variation between the national varieties of Dutch (see, e.g., the ANS-grammar,
Geeraerts 1992, Audring 2006); 2. dialectal variation (Taeldeman 1980,
Hoppenbrouwers 1983, the Morphological Atlas of Dutch Dialects); 3. alternative
gender systems found in L2 varieties of Dutch (Blom, Poli?ensk√° & Weerman 2006);
4. alternative gender systems found in child Dutch and adult learner Dutch (De
Vogelaer 2006, Cornips & Hulk 2006, Hulk & Cornips 2006); and 5. diachronic
variation (Geerts 1966). The present workshop aims at providing a comprehensive
overview of the attested variation. This overview should serve as a starting
point from which more fundamental questions can be addressed, including the
quest for triggers in gender change (deflection, language contact), the function
of grammatical gender, or the structure of gender systems. 

In addition, the Dutch gender data may shed some light over the ongoing debate
on different types of language change. Indeed there is no agreement as to which
speakers are the principal agents of language change. Labov (2007), for
instance, distinguishes two types of language change, viz. change as a result of
a non-identical transmission of language between generations, and change as a
result of the diffusion of patterns over adults as a result of contact. Other
models (e.g., Meisel 2001; Weerman, Bisschop & Punt 2006), however, have
emphasized factors that do not figure prominently in Labov's account, most
notably imperfect language learning by bilinguals and the age at which large
groups of bilinguals start acquiring the relevant language. 

Suggested topics: 
- One or more aspects of grammatical gender in (a variety of) Dutch or a related
- The function of grammatical gender. 
- The relationship between adnominal gender and pronominal reference. 
- Causes and triggers of gender change in Dutch. 
- The implications of Dutch gender change for present models of language change. 

To participate, send your one-page abstract (including references) to
gunther.devogelaerugent.be, to arrive no later than June, 30. Talks are 20 min.
(+ 10 min. discussion). We encourage abstracts in Dutch, but non-native speakers
of Dutch may submit in English. Decisions on the acceptance of the abstract can
be expected before September, 1. 

- Leonie Cornips (Meertens Institute) 
- Gunther De Vogelaer (FWO Flanders / Ghent University) 

The following invited speakers have confirmed their participation: 
- Jenny Audring (VU Amsterdam) & Geert Booij (Leiden) 
- Aafke Hulk (UvAmsterdam) & Jasper Roodenburg (Stuttgart) 
- Georges De Schutter (UAntwerp) & Johan Taeldeman (UGent) 

A selection of papers will be published as a theme issue of 'Taal & Tongval'


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