19.2015, Calls: Syntax/Norway; Phonetics,Phonology/France

Tue Jun 24 15:17:28 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.2015, Calls: Syntax/Norway; Phonetics,Phonology/France

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Date: 24-Jun-2008
From: Tor A. Åfarli < tor.aafarli at hf.ntnu.no >
Subject: NORMS workshops 

Date: 24-Jun-2008
From: Olivier Crouzet < olivier.crouzet at univ-nantes.fr >
Subject: 6th Journées d'Études Linguistiques


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 11:13:03
From: Tor A. Åfarli [tor.aafarli at hf.ntnu.no]
Subject: NORMS workshops
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Full Title: NORMS workshops 
Short Title: NORMS workshops 

Date: 17-Sep-2008 - 19-Sep-2008
Location: NTNU, Trondheim, Norway 
Contact Person: Tor A. Åfarli
Meeting Email: tor.aafarli at hf.ntnu.no
Web Site: http://norms.uit.no 

Linguistic Field(s): Syntax 

Language Family(ies): Germanic 

Call Deadline: 15-Aug-2008 

Meeting Description:

The Trondheim group of the Nordic Center of Excellence in Microcomparative
Syntax (NORMS) organizes two workshops on September 17-19, 2008.

September 17-18: Workshop on Auxiliaries and modality, Trondheim; organized by
Kristin M. Eide & Guro Busterud

September 18-19: Workshop on Subjects and Architecture of Grammar, Trondheim;
organized by Tor A. Åfarli & Mari Nygård 

Call for papers:

Invited speakers for the auxiliaries and modality workshop are Anna Roussou
(University of Patras) and Rolf Thieroff (University of Osnabrück).

Invited speakers for the subjects and architecture workshop are Sabine Mohr
(University of Stuttgart) and Halldor Sigurdsson (University of Lund).

There are a few slots in each workshop available for presentations of individual
papers. We hereby invite you to submit a paper for a 20 minute presentation
(excluding discussion). 

Please send 1 page abstracts for the auxiliaries and modality workshop to
Kristin.Eide at hf.ntnu.no

Please send 1 page abstracts for the subjects and architecture workshop to
tor.aafarli at hf.ntnu.no

Deadline for submission is August 15 2008.

-------------------------Message 2 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 11:13:13
From: Olivier Crouzet [olivier.crouzet at univ-nantes.fr]
Subject: 6th Journées d'Études Linguistiques
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Full Title: 6th Journées d'Études Linguistiques 
Short Title: JEL'2009 

Date: 18-Jun-2009 - 19-Jun-2009
Location: Nantes, France 
Contact Person: Olivier Crouzet
Meeting Email: olivier.crouzet at univ-nantes.fr
Web Site: http://www.lettres.univ-nantes.fr/lling/jel2009/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics; Phonology 

Call Deadline: 28-Nov-2008 

Meeting Description:

6th Journées d'Études Linguistiques, (dis)continu. Nantes University, France.
June, 18th-19th 2009. This conference has taken place regularly since 1998 in
order to get together phoneticians, phonologists, psycholinguists, computer
scientists and any other scholars interested in the relationships between speech
and language in order to discuss a predefined subject of interest. The preceding
conferences have focused on the following subjects : sound universals, vowels,
syllables, domains, schwa(s).

The JEL'2009 will be organized by Olivier Crouzet and Ali Tifrit (Laboratoire de
Linguistique de Nantes, LLING - EA3827). In the historical (and friendly)
context of discussion that has taken place regularly in Nantes between
phoneticians and phonologists, the theme and title of this workshop will be :
'(dis)continu' (eng.: (dis)continuous). 

Call for Papers

JEL'2009 - (dis)continu - (eng. (dis)continuous)

The relationship between form and substance is at the heart of the dialogue
between phonetics and phonology. If these disciplines have always been mutually
enriched by this dichotomy, their dialogue is nowadays renewed by the emergence
of theoretical approaches that may profoundly modify their relationships.
Indeed, from the phonological side (continuous vs. discontinuous nature of
phonological forms, probabilistic vs. symbolic mechanisms, interrogations
concerning the distinction between form and substance) as well as from the
phonectics side (articulatory-acoustic and acoustic-perceptual discontinuities,
exemplar-based processes aimed at accounting for phonological mechanisms...),
the boundaries between continuity and discontinuity sometimes seem to vanish.

You're invited to submit summaries (maximum 2 pages, including references, A4
paper) addressing any issue related to the relationship between continuity and
discontinuity in the sound structure of language:

- Continuity in phonology, discontinuity in phonetics;
- Relationship between form and substance in speech production and perception;
- Prosodic substance and linguistic interpretation;
- Acquisition, Development, Learning;
- Structure of the lexicon, Relationships between phonology and the lexicon,
exemplar-based models;
- Automatic speech processing, Speech synthesis;
- etc.

(this list is not restrictive).

All information concerning the conference and the submission process will be
available on the conference website from October, 1st 2008:


- Submission deadline: November, 28th 2008
- Notification of acceptation: March, 26th 2009
- Reception of final papers for inclusion into the proceedings: May, 21st 2009
- Final programme: June, 4th 2009
- Conference (JEL'2009): June, 18th-19th 2009.


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