19.2056, Calls: General Linguistics/France; General Linguistics/Montenegro

Fri Jun 27 15:57:33 UTC 2008

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Subject: 19.2056, Calls: General Linguistics/France; General Linguistics/Montenegro

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Date: 27-Jun-2008
From: Sylvie Hancil < smhttiki at hotmail.com >
Subject: International Conference on Prosody and Iconicity 

Date: 26-Jun-2008
From: Marija Knezevic < marijak at cg.yu >
Subject: On the Borders of Convention


-------------------------Message 1 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 11:52:26
From: Sylvie Hancil [smhttiki at hotmail.com]
Subject: International Conference on Prosody and Iconicity
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Full Title: International Conference on Prosody and Iconicity 
Short Title: ProsIco2008 

Date: 23-Oct-2008 - 24-Oct-2008
Location: Rouen, France 
Contact Person: Sylvie Hancil
Meeting Email: smhttiki at hotmail.com
Web Site: http://www.prosico.com 

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 20-Jul-2008 

Meeting Description:

The ERIAC research group of the University of Rouen will be organizing an
International Conference on Prosody and Iconicity on 23-24 October

Call for Papers 

Iconicity has been the focus of considerable attention since the beginning of
the twentieth century. It has been demonstrated that every aspect of language
can be affected by the principles of iconicity. 

The University of Rouen will be organizing an International Conference on
Prosody and Iconicity on 23-24 October 2008. 

Plenary Speakers: 
- Antoine Auchlin, University of Geneva
- John Ohala, University of Berkeley; 
- Anne Wichmann, University of Central Lancashire. 

The purpose of the conference is to shed new light on the interrelation between
prosody and iconicity by enlarging the number of parameters traditionally
considered and by confronting various theoretical backgrounds. 
The parameters taken into account may include but are not limited to the following: 
- socio-linguistics and socio-phonetics
- speech situation and context; 
- attitudes and emotions; 
- gestures and multimodality;
- domains interaction (prosody, syntax, pragmatics, etc.)

A special interest will be given to the presentation and the comparison of
different theoretical perspectives such as Information Structure theory, Grice's
theory, Relevance theory, grammaticalization theory, Gussenhoven's biological
codes, prosodic modelling, etc. 

Time for Papers: 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for questions. 

Conference Languages: English and French

Submission Procedure: 
Abstracts should be anonymous and no more than one side of A4. They should be
sent to the following address in PDF format: prosico2008 at hotmail.com 

Please include the following information in the main body of your email: title
and name of author(s); affiliation; email address for correspondence;
presentation title; 3-5 keywords. 

Important Dates:	
Submission Deadline: July 20, 2008 
Notification of acceptance will be sent to the authors by August 20, 2008.

Organising Committee:
ERIAC (EA, Université de Rouen)
ARP (EA 333, Université de Paris 7)
LPL (CNRS, Université de Provence, Aix-Marseille)
LPP (CNRS, Université de Paris 3)

Scientific Committee:
Kai Alter, University of Newcastle
Arto Anttila, Stanford University
Dagmar Barth-Weingarten, University of Potsdam
Anton Batliner, University of Muenchen
Steven Baumann, University of Koeln
Roxane Bertrand, Université de Provence
Philippe Blache, Université de Provence
Armelle Bonpain, Université de Provence
George Boulakia, Université de Paris 7
Felix Burkhardt, T-systems, Berlin
Nick Campbell, ATR, Kyoto
Katy Carlson, Morehead State University
Aojun Chen, Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics
Jennifer Cole, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Roddie Cowie, Queen's Belfast University
Nicole Dehé, Free University of Berlin
Laurence Devillers, Université de Paris 11
Laura Dilley, Bowling Green State University
Maria Paola d'Imperio, Université de Provence
Ellen Douglas-Cowie, Queen's Belfast University
Ronald Geluykens, University of Oldenburg
Didier Grandjean, Université de Genève
Mark Gray, Université de Paris 12
Martine Grice, University of Koeln
Carlos Gussenhoven, Radboud University
Ulrike Gut, University of Augsburg
Sylvie Hancil, Université de Rouen
Daniel Hirst, Université de Provence
Sun-Ah Jun, UCLA
Carlos Toshinori Ishi, ATR, Kyoto
Matthias Jilka, University of Stuttgart
Philippe Martin, Université de Paris 7
Ineke Mennen, University of Bangor
Aliyah Morgenstern, ENS-LSH, Lyon
Cristel Portes, Université de Provence
Steven Schaefer, Université de Paris 4
Janet Slifka, MIT Institute
Shari Speer, Ohio State University
Beatrice Szczepek Reed, University of Nottingham
Jürgen Trouvain, University of the Saarland, Saarbrücken
Jacqueline Vaissière, Université de Paris 3
Jose Vicente, Université de Rouen
Nigel Ward, University of Texas, El Paso
John Wells, University College London
Ann Wennerstrom, University of Washington
Yi Xu, University College London

For more information on the conference, go to the conference website:

-------------------------Message 2 ---------------------------------- 
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 11:52:36
From: Marija Knezevic [marijak at cg.yu]
Subject: On the Borders of Convention
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Full Title: On the Borders of Convention 

Date: 30-Oct-2008 - 01-Nov-2008
Location: Niksic, Montenegro, Montenegro 
Contact Person: Marija Knezevic
Meeting Email: marijak at cg.yu

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics 

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Call Deadline: 01-Sep-2008 

Meeting Description:

We invite scholars to submit proposals dealing with conventions in
language, literature, teaching language and literature, and culture in
general, as well as the phenomena (of) making, bordering, or breaking
conventions in these fields. New approaches to or perspectives on the
standard occurrences, as well as critical overviews of the ground-breaking
works in the above listed fields are most welcome. 

Call for Papers

We are more than honoured to announce that our key-note speakers will be
distinguished professors:
Sandra M. Gilbert, University of California, Davies, 
Bernhard Kettemann, University of Gratz, and 
Christopher Sten, George Washington University.

The proposal must include name of presenter, title of paper, brief abstract
(not exceeding 300 words), in Word format, along with presenter's CV (not
longer than one page). Deadline for the submission of abstracts is June 1,
2008. Abstracts on language and methodology should be sent to Aleksandra
Nik?evi?-Batri?evi? (alexmontenegro at cg.yu) while the abstracts on
literature and culture should be sent to Marija Kne?evi? (marijak at cg.yu) 

The conference fee, 60, 00 euros, should be paid at registration desk upon
the arrival.

For further information contact:
Marija Kne?evi? (marijak at cg.yu) or Aleksandra Nik?evi?-Batri?evi?
(alexmontenegro at cg.yu)

Organizing Committee:
Marija Kne?evi?, University of Montenegro
Aleksandra Nik?evi?-Batri?evi?, University of Montenegro
Bojka ?ukanovi?, University of Montenegro
Biljana Milatovi?, University of Montenegro
Peter Preston, Nottingham University


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